Sunday, December 7th, 2014

On the 29th of November, the world witnessed as all charges against Mubarak, former president of Egypt, and his minister of interior (Habib Al-Adli) were dropped. In the same sitting, his two sons and senior security personal were also all acquitted. Infact, since the coup occurred in July 2013, every single former ruling party member was acquitted of all their charges.

While the Australian Egyptian community were not surprised by this sentence, they are gob-smacked as to how the acquittal of such a dictator and his blood thirsty minister of interior can be explained, while Peter Greste continues to serve a 7 years sentence for doing his job of covering news. To make matters more desperate, 188 people were sentenced to death on the 2nd of December in yet another mass death sentence. It has become quite clear that the counter revolution has taken hold of Egypt and the authoritarian regime is protecting its tentacles. 

The Egyptian Society of Australia condemns the politically influenced acquittal of Mubarak and his minister of interior and in the same breath condemns the continued jailing of Peter Greste and his colleagues for doing their job of covering news. ESA believes that the Egyptian judiciary are politically influenced by the coup government and that the grossly conflicting rulings are a proof of this situation.

The Chairman for the Egyptian Society of Australia, Mr Mohammad Helmy, said "The Egyptian court rulings show that Egyptian judiciary is in shambles and explains beyond doubt how the sentences against Peter Greste were made". Mr Helmy added, "Many Egyptians now wonder who can bring the blood thirsty dictator and his entourage to justice and more importantly, how can this be done without young Egyptians resorting to violence."

ESA would like to stress that Australian Egyptians will continue to stand with Peter Greste and his colleagues and will continue to hope for an end to the military coup in Egypt and a return to democracy.


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