Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

(Sydney, NSW) Monaco Solicitors are pleased to announce a new division within our firm, specifically dedicated to handling superannuation claims. This department will be based in our Sydney CBD office and will consist of experienced legal professionals, who have substantial expertise in the area of superannuation claims.

We are a specialist personal injury firm, and have had a significant amount of experience dealing with a lot with people who have suffered serious injuries. Over the years, we have discovered that quite a few of our clients, who are seriously disabled, have insurance policies attached to their superannuation benefits which provide protection in the event of disablement. For this reason, we have recently established a dedicated superannuation team dealing with such claims. The claims relate to circumstances where a person by reason of injury or illness becomes seriously disabled and unable to continue in their line of work. It makes no difference whether the injury or illness is caused by work conditions or in any way related or indeed related to work.

Over the years we have successfully finalised many of these claims, which are usually referred to as Total and Permeant Disablement claims. It is important that people in such situations are aware of their rights, as the benefits can be quite substantial. In certain circumstances we have found that insurance policies attached to certain superannuation accounts, are valued in hundreds of thousands of dollars payable as a lump sum. It is important that a highly experienced solicitor carefully looks at your claim, as the claims are often denied or disputed at face value by your insurer.

This new division will consist of a team of expert lawyers who are highly experienced in navigating the technical, medical and legal issues that arise from the complexity of superannuation claims. Having a dedicated team handling solely these matters will undoubtedly result in a more streamlined and expert advice that requires highly meticulous and specialised experience succeeding in this area of the law.

With a track record of highly successfully claims in superannuation, the specialised team at Monaco Solicitors can assist you with claiming all the benefits rightfully owed to you.   













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