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Before deciding to whiten your teeth use our checklist below to make sure you are well informed! Once you know about the ins and outs of teeth whitening feel free to browse our articles for more detailed information or visit our website at Whiter Smile.

Should I whiten my teeth? Who can tell me?

However much you want a whiter smile; some teeth are just not suitable for whitening and you need a proper assessment before committing yourself to the procedure. You need a health check of your teeth and gums; available from any good dentist. Be sure your teeth will not be damaged by whitening before you go any further.

What results can I expect?

In reality most people achieve a two to three shade improvement in the shade of their teeth. For some this might be a disappointing result, so you must check with your dentist or use a shade guide to determine your possible outcome. It depends on what has caused the staining on your teeth; yellow stains generally come up cleaner and brighter. Chemical stains that are grey can be improved but may not be entirely removed. The other thing to remember is that the result should look natural!

Dental assessment – the right way!

A good dentist will check both the type of staining on your teeth and the state of the teeth themselves. A proper assessment will include checks on gum health, enamel thickness, any tooth decay and your existing restorations, e.g. crowns, fillings and veneers. The staining should be assessed to determine whether it is superficial, surface only or extends inside the teeth. Only a properly qualified dentist is able to do this, so do not skimp on this step!

What might go wrong?

Generally teeth whitening is a low risk process; but if the wrong treatment is used, or it is applied incorrectly you could do harm to your teeth and gums. Common mistakes are using the incorrect strength of treatment and leaving it on for the wrong length of time .

Possible harmful outcomes

  • Heightened to severe sensitivity in the teeth
  • Damage to gums; soreness, inflammation and blistering
  • If the bleaching agent is swallowed you can affect the oesophagus and the stomach lining, causing bleeding
  • The tooth enamel can be weakened and softened
  • Your crowns and veneers will not change colour as a result of the bleaching. So, either have them replaced or end up with a mouthful of multi-coloured teeth!
  • It is important to remember that the official legal limit of home teeth whitening kits in Australia is 6% hydrogen peroxide or the equivalent of 18% carbamide peroxide. Higher doses will not make the teeth whiter, quicker; it is likely to cause a myriad of problems, so only choose a reputable supplier for your products.

Teeth Whitening Checklist

If you want a whiter smile, make sure you are fully informed before starting any treatment. Use this checklist to remind you of what you need to do before embarking on teeth whitening.

  • Consult your dentist – get a full assessment of the health of your teeth and gums
  • Try a professional clean and scale; your dental hygienist can often schedule this and ensure that your teeth are clean both on the surface and between the teeth and gums.
  • Does your dentist recommend any specific treatment?
  • Have you fully read and understood the potential risks?
  • Have you checked the product ingredients on any home whitening products?
  • Check the credentials of any supplier of teeth whitening products
  • Be realistic about the results you can achieve.
  • Follow ALL instructions on home whitening products to the letter!

Make sure you have answered all your queries before embarking on any form of teeth whitening. 


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