Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

Liz Tehan started the online social shopping hub, Set That aged 54 with very little experience in building websites or retail. However, through perseverance and gaining support from a network of like-minded people, she has successfully launched the website and its digital magazine, which is starting to build a loyal following of happy shoppers and stylists.  She is now keen to share what she has learnt with others of her generation and encourage them to take the digital leap.

Attracting almost 70,000 visitors from around the world since its launch, the site creates an engaging social hub where stylists can share passions and create trends.  ”It makes online shopping easier, more inspiring and rewarding,” says Liz, founder and owner of Set That.

Drawing upon more than 30 years of work experience, Liz started the online social shopping site in 2013. 

“My experience working with major organisations as a consultant had exposed me to a variety of different business models and structures.  However there is nothing like starting your own online business to really stretch your skills. I like to think I am an example of what can be achieved by older women if they set their minds to something.  Even if you think that you don’t know enough about technology, or social media, or finance, you will find that there are people willing to help you when required.”

“In a rapidly changing retail landscape, we wanted to eliminate traditional retail barriers, such as geography, traffic and crowds, to enable a more effective way for people to shop.” said Liz. “Because you can buy what you see from the inspirational styling of others, it is ideal for the inexperienced or hesitant online shopper. And the person who has inspired the purchase is rewarded by us with a share of the commission we receive from the Store which they can donate to charity if they wish. We designed a Win/Win for everyone involved.”

Retail has quickly embraced Set That as it delivers new engaged customers directly to their store.

“We have had great uptake by retailers, many new to the affiliate shopping model. We have had to learn about this model at the same time as they have, and people can learn new things at any age.  With more experience, it is sometimes easier to know what to do, or to admit that you are new to something, simply because you have adapted to so many different situations during life and you do not have to maintain an image of being techno-savvy.  I have not found anyone yet who has been unwilling to help me learn more about something or to make things difficult for me.  I think my age has been an advantage!”

Set That recently launched its first digital magazine at magazines.setthat.com showcasing the website’s range of products and sets that inspire people with ideas for their wardrobe or their Christmas shopping.

“In my first editorial, I wrote about my surprise to find myself now as a digital magazine editor.  That role did not even exist when I left school. I am very keen now to start to pass on what I have learnt to others to enable them to achieve new goals as they transition to a new phase of their lives,” concluded Liz.

Check out Set That’s magazine or website and think about what career goals you might achieve in your 50s.

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Set That

Set That is a hub where shoppers, designers, stylists, experts, curators and retailers come together to experience online shopping and share their ideas. It is a new social commerce website that brings people and products together, making online shopping smarter, easier and more inspiring.

Sets can be created by anyone for anything, whether it’s components that build the ultimate bike, gifts for a special occasion, interior design for a room or the latest look straight from the runway – if you can imagine it, you can create it.

A place to share and recommend, Set That lets consumers explore “sets” of products that have been compiled and curated by other site users. The user’s profile and shopping preferences are drawn upon to create a customised shopping experience.

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P: 0406046471
W: www.setthat.com


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