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Top 50 boys' and girls' names of 2014 released;

Oliver continues to be the most popular name for baby boys in Australia

Ava takes the top place for baby girls' names

Game of Thrones infiltrates the girls' list

An H-storm hits the boys’ list with new and rising names


Today BabyCenter, the leading global parenting site for new and expecting mums, announces Australia's top 50 boys' and top 50 girls' names of 2014.

Oliver continues its domination over the boys' list with another year of baby Olivers born in Australia. Ava lands in first position on the girls' list after a quick rise from 20th position in 2012, second spot in 2013, and now taking the crown.

Danielle Townsend, Editor of BabyCenter Australia, comments: “Parents tend to be more adventurous with choosing a girls' name than with a boys' name. While this is the fourth year that Oliver has topped the boys' chart, there has been a different top girls' name every year in that time."

This year’s girls’ list is brought to you by the letter V: in addition to Ava, Ivy, Evie, Olivia and Evelyn all made the girls’ top 50 list, joined by new entrant, Violet in 48th spot.

The X-Men comics generated not only a successful movie franchise, but also an increasingly popular boys’ name, with Logan (aka Wolverine) the highest entrant to the 2014 boys’ list in 29th place. Meanwhile Game of Thrones has influenced the most popular girls’ names this year, with Aria (spelled a variety of ways) entering the list in 20th place. 

More classic literary and artistic references are high amongst this year’s crop of celebrity babies, including Wilder, Beckett, Raphael, Bennett, Emerson, Ophelia, Evelyn and Esmerelda. Expect to see River’s star rise for both boys and girls in future, with Megan Gale’s son and Kelly Clarkson’s daughter both donning the moniker this year.

The biggest riser on the boys’ list is Luca, up 19 places to 28th position, while Harper has shot up 21 places to 19th spot on the girls’ list.

The top 10 girls’ and boys’ baby names of 2014

Top 10 girls' and boys' names of 2014
Rank Boys Girls
1 Oliver (same as 2013) Ava (up 1 place)
2 Noah (up 8 places) Amelia (up 7 places)
3 Jack (down 1 place) Charlotte (down 2 places)
4 Jackson (down 1 place) Olivia (up 1 place)
5 William (down 1 place) Chloe (down 2 places)
6 Thomas (up 9 places) Ella (up 5 places)
7 Mason (up 13 places) Sophie (up 1 place)
8 Lucas (down 1 place) Mia (up 7 places)
9 Henry (up 18 places) Emily (down 5 places)
10 Liam (up 1 place) Lily (down 3 places)


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Most popular baby name trends of 2014

Other baby name trends of 2014:

H-storm on the boys list

Names beginning with H marched up the boys’ list, including Henry (+18 places), Hunter (+16 places) and Harrison (+5 places). They were joined by Hudson, which debuted at number 29. Harry bucked the trend, dropping eight places since last year.

Mixed bag for boys’ biblical names

The trend for boys’ biblical and Hebrew names might be waning, with Benjamin the biggest faller on the list (-21 places); Ethan (-12 places), Levi (-11 places), Isaac (-7 places), Samuel (-6 places) and Joshua (-2 places) also falling; and Nathan and Zachery/Zach departing the top 50 completely.  James (+11 places), Thomas (+9 places), Noah (+8 places), Elijah (+5 places) and Jacob (+3 places), however, gained ground, while Eli, Jake, Luke, Jordan and Matthew entered the list this year.

The quest for the unique name goes on

There’s no end in sight for the trend of choosing an unusual baby name. This year’s more creative baby names include Purple, King, Crisps, Dyson, Fox, Genesis and Apollo (the name of Gwen Stefani’s son) for boys. Onyx, Thatcher, Alaska, Apolonia (complementing Apollo), Pony, Trinity and Zariahy are among the more inventive names for girls.


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Notes to editors

The baby names chart ranks the names chosen by members who gave birth in 2014. The top 50 boys’ and girls’ names charts combine names that sound the same but have different spellings, giving a true measure of baby name popularity.

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