Wednesday, April 21st, 2010
What simple measures can a homeowner take to ensure they not only get everything their home is worth at sale time, but a whole lot more? In Sold For Top Dollar, mother and daughter home stagers and now authors Charyn and Kate Youngson explain exactly how it’s done. They are even happy to provide five tips ahead of the book’s official launch...

1. Declutter - Unclutter and rearrange your furnishings to open up the look of your home.

2. Depersonalise – Get rid of your crazy teapot collection and religious icons. You’re selling your space, not your personal stuff.

3. Repair – Detail your home like you would detail your car. Take care to upgrade and repair your home so that any potential buyer doesn’t see fault and problem areas.

4. Neutralise – Try to make your home a blank canvas. Get rid of loud feature walls and brightly coloured window treatments. The buyer does not want to repaint before they move in.

5. Clean – Imagine your home is a 5-star hotel and clean it to that standard. Nothing turns a potential buyer off quicker than dirt, dust and cobwebs. It gives the impression of a neglected home that hasn’t been cared for.

Really, there should be a Tip 6 – buy Sold For Top Dollar. It provides a lot more advice on how to generate money from your house sale, build equity and, for those who want to get a bit more serious about investing, how to renovate an investment property for profit.

As a single mum who went from unemployment to flourishing business owner, Charyn Youngson has some great stories to tell. When daughter Kate came on board and the business started booming, it seemed the obvious time for the two women to release Sold For Top Dollar, a book that lifts the lid on undervalued properties and quick, cheap real estate sales.

Sold For Top Dollar is a refreshing change from many of the how-to books on today’s market because it actually tells readers, in plain English, how they can increase the value of their homes. Sure, readers could achieve even greater value increases by using Charyn and Kate’s professional Houses To Impress service but following the book’s advice should certainly pay dividends.

The book pays for itself many times over within a chapter as Charyn and Kate explain the moneymaking advantages of home staging for sale and the value-adding advantages of renovation. Sold For Top Dollar will have its national launch at the SA Writers Centre, Rundle Street, Adelaide, on Wednesday, April 28, after which Charyn will start a national speaking tour.

For further information, phone Charyn or Kate Youngson at Houses To Impress on 08 8395 1144 or Shane McNally at Soapbox Media on 0412 956 615.

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