Monday, December 1st, 2014

The risk of fire in commercial kitchens has been highlighted again following a surge of kitchen fires in Melbourne and Sydney recently. The latest incident occurred early September when workers and diners were forced to evacuate a Chinese restaurant on Jamison Street in Sydney’s CBD after a fire started in the kitchen.

Lotus Filters, Australia’s largest filter and mechanical ventilation cleaning company, claims that the risk of these fire hazards can be managed with regular, professional kitchen filter maintenance and cleaning of the exhaust system. With over 60 years of industry experience, Lotus Filters understands the importance of having your kitchen exhaust system professionally and periodically cleaned to remove the thick greasy residue trapped deep inside the ducts - the fuel to these types of fires.

“Restaurant owners have a responsibility to ensure that their kitchen exhaust is cleaned properly, with the Australian Standards stipulating a minimum of once per year,” says Graeme Williamson, Managing Director of Lotus Filters.

With regular servicing, Williamson has seen a significant reduction in the risk of potential fire hazards that threaten businesses and the safety of the public.

“For those restaurants that cannot provide evidence that their kitchens are properly maintained, they run the added risk of having their insurance claims rejected.”

The NSW Fire Brigade has labeled the ignition of fatty residues within range hoods and ducting as one of the most frequent fire causes alongside unattended cooking and overheating of cooking oil or fat.

Lotus Filters caters to restaurants, fast food outlets and commercial spaces big and small, offering a range of services from duct and exhaust cleaning to regular filter maintenance.  

For an obligation free discussion and quote, contact Lotus Filters on 1300 653 536.

About Lotus Filters

Lotus Filters is an HACCP accredited provider servicing more than 6,000 clients across food & hospitality, education, aged care and commercial.

Service areas include Melbourne and Sydney with plans for further expansion currently being reviewed.

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