Monday, November 24th, 2014

The Federal Government’s recently announced funding cuts to the ABC and SBS will no doubt leave many viewers awaiting the fate of TV shows they really love or especially choose to watch.  

Almost 11.8 million Australians 14+ (61%) cited at least one ABC or ABC2 television show they ‘especially choose to watch’ in the year to September 2014—and the majority of these ABC-lovers selected at least four different programs. 

5.5 million people especially choose to watch between one and three shows on the ABC and another 6.3 million (almost 1 in 3 Australians) especially choose to watch four or more.

A separate metric used by Roy Morgan Research to monitor the level of TV viewers’ involvement is to ask if they ‘really love to watch’ a show. 8.7 million Australians (45%) say they really love one or more ABC shows—and over 3.1 million love four or more.

Number of Australians who really love or especially choose to watch ABC shows:

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source, October 2013–September2014 n = 50,587 Australians 14+

The ‘special’ broadcasting on SBS also has wide appeal: almost half of Australians aged 14+ (9.2 million) especially choose to watch at least one show on SBS ONE, SBS2 or NITV, with over a third of these (3.1 million) putting at least four different SBS programs in that must-see category.  

When it comes to beloved programming, SBS offers something to over 5.8 million viewers. 4.6 million Australians really love one, two or three shows screening on SBS in the year to September 2014, while another 1.2 million really love at least four.

Number of Australians who really love or especially choose to watch SBS shows:

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source, October 2013–September2014 n = 50,587 Australians 14+

Tim Martin, General Manager - Media, Roy Morgan Research, says:

TV audience data from Roy Morgan Research goes beyond simple ratings to evaluate the real level of involvement with programming.

“We ask people about what shows they really love to watch and also those they especially choose to watch. Often, of course, there is substantial cross-over. But a show like Lateline for example, which is rumoured to be facing cuts to its budget, has almost a million people ‘especially choosing’ to watch it—almost three times the number who say they ‘really love’ to watch it.

“On the ABC, Weeknight News, Australian Story and Midsomer Murders are the top three shows by number of us who especially choose to watch. Aside from special sporting events, the shows on SBS with the most ‘especially choosing’ viewers are World News, Who Do You Think You Are? and Luke Nguyen’s Vietnam.”

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