Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

A group of like minded award winning photographers are working together to help expectant parents to overcome tragedy and celebrate their growing families.

Brisbane, QLD,  November 19, 2014– 14 portrait photographers from Central and South East Queensland have launched a unique client focused venture aimed at educating expectant parents and supporting those who have experienced a loss of a pregnancy or baby.

When the concept of the Earthside Collective was conceived, those involved knew it would be welcomed by the public.  However, even the company itself couldn’t predict that its popularity would result in their website grinding to a halt 10 minutes after its initial launch.

Word quickly spread that the photographers, normally in competition with each other, had come together to provide a joint service to their clients and to “give back” to deserving families.  It was then that the group realized that they really could change lives.

Ferny Grove photographer Tanya Love, one of the founding members of Earthside Collective said: “We had a simple idea, and we never dreamed that it could be so great!  It has taken many months to get off the ground, but we are here now, and we certainly launched with a bang.  The reactions and support from people have been amazing.”

The website provides an easy to use resource for expectant parents to visit when planning on how to document the impending birth of their child through photography.  It features the profiles of each member of the collective as well as an informative blog showcasing the kinds of services, products, and support that can be offered by the group.  Guest blog posts from birth related industry professionals such as doulas, midwives, infant chiropractors and more will also play a pivotal role in building the resource.

Sunshine Coast photographer Elise Gow added: "Photography can be a very competitive industry however we have approached it very differently by actively encouraging and supporting each other in our businesses. It's all very positive.”

Having met through their joint love of volunteer charity work, the members are continuing their ethos of “giving back” through the collaborative work that Earthside Collective will offer.

In addition to their website, the company rationale is embodied by their “Gift Sessions” – maternity, newborn, and lifestyle portrait photography sittings that will be gifted to 26 families per year who have overcome the loss of a pregnancy or baby, or experienced premature birth, and are now celebrating the safe arrival of a child.

“For me, giving back is about the heart and soul of the person who is only complete when they are paying it forward, in whatever shape or form that is. Given our skills as family photographers, we felt that offering ‘gifted sessions’ was the perfect way to help families and fulfill a need in the community”  said specialist newborn photographer Luisa Dunn.

With their website now fully operational and their Gift Session program now accepting submissions, the Earthside Collective is looking forward to working with the community to bolster the photographic industry as a whole.

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The Earthside Collective is a comprehensive resource for expectant parents searching for professional photography services in Queensland.  Their ethos of “giving back” is embodied by the unique Gift Sessions that they offer each year.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Tanya Love – 0458006740 at or email at [email protected].

Contacts:            Tanya Love – 0458006740, Elise Gow – 0419539231, Luisa Dunn - 0403192056      

Email:                 [email protected]


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