Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

Premium Melbourne wedding photographer Veri has begun to shed light on the creative mind behind his photographic lens as it continues a perpetual quest toward visual excellence.

Veri’s founder Cheng Zhu describes the process of crafting an image as a kind of artistry that relies on instantaneous vision. “Unlike painting or drawing, where the artist is in complete control of the outcome, photography relies on the artist’s ability to instantly recognise a moment and react accordingly,” says Cheng.

In the wedding photography market, where clients are frequently spoilt for choice, Veri positions itself as a beacon of creative vision and foresight, one that pre-empts distinctive moments through a rare ability to interpret photographic subjects and moods.

“If the photographer has one element of control beyond those on the camera, it is their ability to engage with the audience at the beginning of the shoot, to understand their movements, their expressions, and the ways in which they respond to the lens,” adds Cheng.

Cheng describes his creative aspirations as something that evolved naturally from a very young age, after growing up in a family of artists. “My passion for visual expression was innate, but it took me some years to direct it toward the field of photography, but once I did, I instantly felt at home,” he says.

And wedding photography is the genre that dominates Veri’s bookings; a development that has occurred naturally, for Cheng finds matrimonial subjects to be the most engaging, both visually and emotionally.

The desire when capturing weddings, says Cheng, is not merely to produce captivating and unique images, but to illustrate the distinctive mood and emotional dynamics of the couple – qualities that are entirely their own, meaning each shoot is different, and each couple has their own version of visual perfection.

“This is the inherent paradox at the heart of what we do: photographers spend their lives on an infinite quest toward perfection; taking image after image across a plethora of environments, and with an exceptionally broad range of subjects, but each of these scenarios has the potential to generate its own version of perfection,” says Cheng.

Accordingly, Veri makes the upfront commitment to all its client that it will deliver a holistic and personalised approach to wedding photography, that it will identify every couple’s unique eccentricities, and represent them genuinely, creatively, and with honesty and purpose.

“Our genuineness is at the core of our work,” adds Cheng, “but it is also time: time spent with clients to engage with their inspirations, but also timing of the very images themselves. Photography is all about moments, both before, during, and after a shoot. We devote time to all the right areas, and if there is a key to the perfect image, then this may just be it.”

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With peak wedding season at arm’s reach, Veri is actively taking bookings Australia-wide. For sales and press enquiries, please contact Cheng Zhu via 0412 601 921 or email at [email protected]

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Life is full of breathtaking moments. At Veri Photography, it’s our mission to capture these moments so you can relive them over and over again through our images.

Everyone is unique, so every shoot we do is tailored to you. Forget cliched images and repetitive poses, we focus on capturing your special moments naturally, through candid shots that develop into beautiful photographs that you can treasure for a lifetime.

Our focus is on the art of storytelling through imagery. Everyone has a story to share, and it’s our mission to discover your story, and then capture it through photographs, so you can experience that story over and over again.

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Award-winning Melbourne wedding photographer explores his quest for the perfect image.



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