Wednesday, April 21st, 2010
Robuschi, a leading global manufacturer of blowers and pumps, has released the new Biogas Blower range, specifically designed for the conveying and compression of biogas, natural gas and landfill gas.

The introduction of the Biogas Blower, which CAPS Australia has recently brought to the local market, was Robuschi’s response to strong demand for reducing both dangerous emissions in power generation and costs associated with organic waste material disposal, as well as the growing needs of alternative energy sources.

Biogas composition is generally 50 to 80 per cent CH4 (methane) with the remainder mostly CO2 (carbon dioxide), but the presence of even a small amount of water vapor and H2S (hydrogen sulfide) can make the gas aggressive and corrosive. The Robuschi Biogas Blower is designed to guarantee good corrosion resistance and keep biogas free from oil pollution through special technical solutions.

The Biogas Blower features gas-tight sealing of the driving shaft with a double-lip oil sealing ring. The blower is explosion-proof tested and certified up to 12 bar. Its unique motor support system consists of a patented device to support the motor and reduce loads on the blower and motor bearings and ensure automatic correct belt tensioning. The blower can also be supplied with a special corrosion protection coating to guarantee longer life.

The new Biogas Blower range is equipped with a special design silencer featuring an anticorrosion coating and draining device which is pressure equipment directive (PED) certified for 1.3 bar overpressure and 12 bar explosion proof. Optional accessories are also available, including sound enclosures, pressure protection safety relief valves and switches and bypass pressure regulators for keeping outlet pressure constant to name just a few. Robuschi also offers stainless steel suction and discharge silencers.

The new Robox Evolution Biogas blower package is fully certified in accordance with European Commission (EC) guidelines and other strict standards to guarantee the best safety in biogas, natural gas and landfill gas applications.

The Biogas Blower product range has capacity between 240 m3/hr and 2,850 m3/hr and pressure up to 1000 mbar. Robuschi has also developed the CRBIO blower range which offers a lower initial investment cost and is suitable for requirements with pressure up to 400 mbar.

For more information about the range of Robuschi Biogas Blowers contact CAPS Australia on 1300 858 763 or visit

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