Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

Like most people, you've probably had a great idea, forgot about it and then have seen it on a store shelf a few years later.

In Sydney, Australia two design shops are joining forces to try and solve this frustration by running a hands on workshop series titled REFRAMED.

“The goal of REFRAMED is to empower more people with basic creative skills to get ideas out of their heads and into the real world quickly”, states Josh Saling, one of the REFRAMED organisers.

The founders hope that introducing everyday people to the tools and methods that designers and innovators use to develop products will help many more great ideas to be realised and brought to life.

Another aspect of REFRAMED is to show people that developing ideas can be fun. The other half of REFRAMED, Enrico Penzo says that, "Play is an important aspect of conceptualising ideas and pushing them forward."

There are many workshops out there which focus on developing apps, REFRAMED however is focused on ideas with a hardware component, whether it is a stand alone physical invention or a connected device that integrates with a software service.

REFRAMED is now taking applications.  The first series will be held over five sessions in January 2015 - March 2015. To apply, submit your idea at www.reframedworkshops.com

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Sling Design

Sling Design is a boutique industrial design studio based in Sydney. We are driven by the idea of helping to play a part in shaping the products of the future. As well as designing creative solutions for our clients, we guide them through local and offshore manufacturing to ensure a smooth transition from prototyping to production.

Joshua Saling
M: 0401 290 874
W: www.slingdesign.com.au


We are a creative technology company with the purpose of helping brands and start-ups to refine and prototype disruptive ideas. We love tearing things apart, discovering their hidden soul, to hack and reassemble objects in a constructive and playful process of learning. We proudly help companies to foster their innovation process and create digital and physical prototypes.

Enrico Penzo
M: 0414 317 362
W: www.thethinkerers.com


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