Monday, November 17th, 2014

A medical breakthrough that significantly reduces a woman’s chances of developing breast cancer has been made by an internationally acclaimed cancer specialist based in Adelaide.

T+Ai™ Therapy, developed by Dr Stephen Birrell, is a major game changer for women’s health, shown not only to reduce the risk of breast cancer but also to significantly reduce or eliminate the debilitating symptoms of perimenopause (the time leading up to and during menopause).

Based on global studies and the result of more than 25 years of research by Dr Birrell, who is also an internationally recognised scientist in the area of female hormonal regulation, the new T+Ai™ Therapy is being offered exclusively at Wellend Health, a new clinic at The Burnside War Memorial Hospital.

The patented therapy works by bringing hormones into balance to reduce the density of breast tissue and includes the use of a small dose of testosterone. In a recent clinical study conducted in the United States, women taking T+Ai™ Therapy had a fivefold reduction in breast cancer compared to the general population, and a tenfold lower incidence of breast cancer when compared with women on hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

“Breast density has nothing to do with the size or firmness of a breast. It is the thickness of the tissue which can only be determined by a modern mammogram machine,” Dr Birrell said. “It’s imperative that women, especially those aged more than 40 know their breast density as that is one of the strongest indicators of their risk of breast cancer even compared to a family history of the disease.

“T+Ai™ Therapy lowers breast density and moves women from a high risk to low risk for developing breast cancer.”

The groundbreaking treatment is also delivering significant results for women experiencing symptoms associated with menopause, which studies have shown are starting sooner and lasting longer with more severe symptoms than in past generations.

“Women’s testosterone levels start to drop in their early 30s and T+Ai™ Therapy works to keep the estrogen to testosterone ratio balanced by replicating the way the body utilises hormones,” Dr Birrell said. 

“Testosterone is a critical hormone because it dampens the effects of extreme highs and lows in estrogen levels that are commonly associated with menopause symptoms such as hot flushes, sweating, mood swings, forgetfulness, depression, tension and migraines.”

The new T+Ai™ Therapy is a scientific advancement on conventional hormonal supplementation and has no link to bio-identical hormones or Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).

Emerging studies and more international researchers are continuing to make the link between testosterone and menopause, including one of Australia’s leading women’s health researchers, Professor Susan Davis from Monash University.

“It’s not well appreciated but in fact, women have more testosterone circulating in their blood at any time than they have estrogen so testosterone is a really important hormone for women,” she said in an interview with the ABC’s program Catalyst.

Leading expert in hormonal health Professor Wayne Tilley from the University of Adelaide said T+Ai™ Therapy was a major breakthrough providing a safe alternative to HRT, which was linked to an increased risk of developing breast cancer.

“For the first time, women with debilitating symptoms associated with menopause have a real alternative to HRT and the fact that this treatment also lowers a woman’s chances of developing breast cancer is a major advancement in preventative treatments,” he said.

Adelaide GP Dr Kathy Wallace, who has an interest in women’s health, said many women she saw had been misdiagnosed with depression when in fact they were experiencing testosterone deficiency.

 “It is a sad fact that if a woman sees her GP about her symptoms of tiredness, insomnia and feeling lacklustre, all the GP has been able to offer is anti-depressants.  It is positive to see that there is now an avenue for addressing the root cause of the problem with T+Ai™ Therapy,” Dr Wallace said.

While Wellend Health was built on a foundation of solid research and groundbreaking science, Dr Birrell said he and his team’s motivation was helping women live better lives.

“Women from as far as Brisbane and Thailand are coming to us desperate for help whether from their risk of developing breast cancer or for debilitating symptoms caused by hormone fluctuations in the time leading up to and after their periods ending. At Wellend Health, we’re not just relieving symptoms, we’re giving women fresh hope.”

ABOUT WELLEND HEALTH: Established in January 2014, Wellend Health is an integrative medicine and scientifically backed general wellness clinic based at The Burnside War Memorial Hospital, providing women with a groundbreaking treatment for reducing the risk of breast cancer and reduction of menopausal symptoms. The new and patented T+Ai Therapy has been developed in South Australia after more than 25 years of medical research by highly respected breast cancer specialist and internationally recognised scientist in the area of female hormonal regulation, Dr Stephen Birrell. After 20 years as Head of the Breast Cancer Unit at Flinders Medical Centre in Adelaide, Dr Birrell now works full-time at The Burnside Breast Centre and Wellend Health. He is also affiliated with the Dame Roma Mitchell Laboratories at the University of Adelaide and is a senior visiting surgeon at Breast Screen SA.

ABOUT BREAST DENSITY: Breast density is a well-established predictor of breast cancer risk. New laws have been passed in many areas of the United States mandating that women be informed of their breast density as part of having a mammogram. 43 per cent of women in the US aged 40 to 65 have dense breast tissue. Breast density is a greater risk factor of developing breast cancer than having two first degree relatives with the disease. T+ Ai™ Therapy reduces breast density and the risk of breast cancer.




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