Wednesday, April 21st, 2010
Tracking the insurance and other compliance documents for contractors and other suppliers is a hidden cost for most organisations.

When companies are actually undertaking the task properly a significant amount of staff time can be allocated to the task and this is not only junior staff, in some cases project managers and other senior staff on up to $100,000pa can be wasting many hours on the phone to contractors requesting certificates.

CertTracker, Australia's insurance and compliance certificate tracking specialists have decided to help you quantify the amount you spend on this essential part of your risk management program with a simple calculator on their home page

This calculator will also give you an automated quote for CertTracker so you can see exactly how much you can save from outsourcing this function freeing your staff up to work on your top line.

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CertTracker, Australia's insurance and compliance certificate tracking specialists.

CertTracker is a system to assist you to obtain, check and store the compliance information of your contractors, suppliers and other companies you rely on.

CertTracker isn't just a software Solution - Our trained consultants will check the certificates before sending them to you so you don't waste your time checking non-complying certificates.

CertTracker isn't just a consulting solution - The level of Automation in our system reduces the time we spend following up the certificates meaning we can keep track of your certificates for less than the labour cost of your staff doing it.
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