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Screens off! Jigsaws are back for a healthy mind

Much has been written recently about iPad addiction in children, so much so that having an ‘iPaddy’ has entered our vernacular and in a recent study of 2,000 parents in the UK, 8 out of 10 utilise restrictions on screen time as a punishment for their children under 14.

Indeed, in a 2010 discussion, Steve Jobs identified that his children hadn’t used the iPad as he limited the amount of technology usage in the home, a sentiment repeated by numerous CEO parents.

So why is it we can see potential harm to our children, but fail to see likewise in ourselves.

For Mount Lawley based husband and wife team Guy & Natascha Turner, recognising the pitfalls of screen usage in adults has spawned a ‘return to the past’ business. ‘Through my work I as a social media consultant and adult educator I was able to see just how much time people were spending interacting in the virtual, rather than the real world’, said Natascha ‘ but it wasn’t till more recently I could see how much time both my husband and I were spending on phone and iPad – so many of our activities and ‘down time’ included a screen’.

To try something left-field, Natascha ordered a jigsaw online, and almost straight away the couple noticed a difference.  ‘Jigsawing is immersive, but not exclusive…we really enjoyed doing it together, there was a sense of connectedness and achievement.’

Having recently completed a behavioural science degree, Natascha looked into the role jigsawing could play in mindfulness and stress reduction, and the potential looked favourable. ‘A few years back, adult colouring books were all the rage for mindfulness…but the issue is they are a very solitary pursuit. Mindfulness practised together can strengthen relationship bonds.’

‘The issue with current commercially available jigsaws is that they are still stuck in the past’ says Guy ‘so we saw a commercial opportunity to reboot the genre using Australian artists and high end packaging to combine great design with great experience.’ The first press editions feature Australian artist Kelly Jade King’s designs.

There are many different styles to jigsawing, so finding what works for you is important. Kelly clearly has her approach: ‘(doing the jigsaw) was really fun and very relaxing. I seemed to put it together in a similar fashion to the way I eat.. working on a bit of every part of it sort of haphazardly so as not to be left with only one colour or section for the last half of the meal. The edges come first though obviously ;)’


And FYI:

This is a really exciting time for EoG! We are set to expand our range ready for Christmas...but we have a small storage space problem...our small storage space!

To make room for the second press - 'Perth street art' we need to sell 200 more first press jigsaws, so both jigsaws will be available for $35 each till we hit 200 sales. This means now you can get your hands on Australia's finest jigsaws for less than, well, not so fine overseas jigsaws.

Tell your friends - or better, buy one for a friend today and help us build our future range.

Perhaps this year jigsawing can help you switch off and relax for a little bit each day.

First Press jigsaws are available as a limited edition run at

If you would like more information about Edge of Glory, please contact Tasch Turner at 0420 306 615 or [email protected]


About Edge of Glory:

A century old tradition of jigsaws has been transformed and redesigned thanks to “jigsawpreneurs”, Natascha and Guy Turner. Featuring the original contemporary art of artist Kelly Jade King, the jigsaws offer a tranquil pastime that is ‘screen free’ and offers an opportunity to quieten busy minds.

Our purpose is to produce modern jigsaws for the creative and mindful.

We are currently working with progressive artists in both Adelaide & Perth to produce beautiful & engaging puzzles which will draw people from the busyness of the world and help refocus and relax.

These are truly jigsaws like no other, boxed in line with the finest champagnes with the picture scrolled inside on satin paper.

Whether it is for you, or a unique and thoughtful gift, these puzzles will provide an activity with a real and beneficial point of difference.

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