Thursday, November 13th, 2014

A fish tank where you can grow plants and herbs on top.  

Two entrepreneurs from The Netherlands, Alex Konijnenburg and his Spanish companion Ignacio Lopéz designed an eco friendly fish tank that uses waste water to grow plants. This process is called Aquaponics. Aquaponics is a natures own method of recycling waste water by feeding into plants. During this process the wasted water is filtered and clean water will flow back into the fish tank. It’s a continues eco loop system witch’s reduces water use by 90%. 

The Ecofarm is a tabletop Aquaponics system that allows people to experience the Aquaponics principle at home. ‘You can grow all kind of herbs on the EcoFarm, currently I’m growing chives and parsley but you could grow cherry tomatoes or even little peppers, just to name a few.’ according to Alex  

They have launched a crowdfunding campaign on kickstarter were you can pre-order the Ecofarm and become one of the first owners and help them to make the Ecofarm reality. 



Editorial note (not for publication):

    •    Ecobird is a company by Alex Konijnenburg and Ignacio Lopéz. Ecobird develops urban farming products in style. The EcoFarm will be the first product of our company. We started Ecobird at the beginning of this year. 

    •    Contact information: Alex Konijnenburg +316-141 33 631 of [email protected]

    •    High resolution photos can be downloaded trough the following links; 

Ecofarm wide shot:

Ecofarm front shot:

Ecobird Founders:

Website :

Kickstarter link:

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Alex Konijnenburg

M: +31 6 141 33 631


Aquaponics design, ecofriendly, ecological food, sustainable, mini ecosystem.



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