Thursday, November 13th, 2014

It’s official – a poll of 2,290 Australians has declared a 59% victory to Tomato Sauce over its fierce rival BBQ Sauce. Publisher, Craig Seitam, posed this, and other questions to members after years of frustration with takeaway food stores making the decision for him.

Craig stated “I always knew tomato would beat BBQ, it’s now time for fast food shops to take note, or at least stop assuming that everyone likes BBQ sauce on their burgers.  The reality is that most people don’t!”

In a poll in which 81% of respondents rate as more important than the next Federal Election, further results showed:

  • 64% have experienced being served their non-favourite sauce
  • 83% are either ‘Extremely’ or ‘Fairly’ passionate about their choice of sauce
  • Yet, 87% of respondents will put up with the other if forced to
  • 56% will happily put one of the two sauces on an expensive steak (the rest voting ‘Oh Please! No, that’s going too far!’)
  • 59% don’t trust the cupboard to store their favourite sauce – it must be in the fridge
  • And, a dead even 50/50 on the question of use-by dates. Half are destined for the bin – the rest say ‘Who cares …. It’s sauce – it doesn’t go off!’

Supported by BeefEater BBQ’s, the survey was conducted October/November 2014 on – 75% of respondents were female. 74% of all respondents aged 35 and over. Competitions Guide is Australia's largest competitions website with over 300,000 Australian members

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