Thursday, November 13th, 2014

Centre for Educational Enterprise Launches in Melbourne

Education innovation is in the spotlight as Melbourne Girls Grammar launches its Centre for Educational Enterprise. This new community hub unites world educators through shared knowledge, success strategies, research and global partnerships to progress outstanding practice in education.
For the first time, a vehicle exists where people who share a common interest and commitment to the future of learning can engage with each other. Most educators have limited opportunity to exchange ideas or innovate in its truest sense. The newly launched Centre for Educational Enterprise (CEE) encourages networked knowledge sharing, active dialogue and exploration of ideas or actions that re-imagine the future possibilities for emerging global citizens.
A pioneering online presence enables CEE to facilitate connections between global educators to exchange knowledge, establish partnerships, view research and share resources. The Centre initiates participation in education innovation and development programs as well as offering a launch-pad for global alliances, like The Artemis Project (a fused wellbeing education concept), with similarly aligned organisations.
CEE will host its inaugural event for global educators in March 2015. The Future Fusion conference has secured renowned world thought leaders in health and education as keynote speakers. Attendees will enjoy stirring presentations and join inspiring discussion around education innovation and the goal of forging a continuum between proactive health interventions and learning.
The conference focus aligns with The Artemis Project intent, including the objective to establish a community centre with capacity to host ground-breaking programs that assist students to gain skills and insights that lead to flourishing, fulfilling lives.
The philanthropic CEE initiative extends the reach and reputation of Melbourne Girls Grammar and its commitment to advancing education practice. Proudly at the forefront of learning inspiration, the school community supports CEE by providing a site, event venues and practical resources to advance its objectives.
The Centre for Educational Enterprise site is published at Members of the education and MGGS communities are urged to visit, register and participate in this landmark initiative.

About CEE
The Centre for Educational Enterprise (CEE) is focused on the development, promotion and implementation of best practice in contemporary education.
A global educators’ community, CEE provides facts, forum and facilitation of:

  • world community of forward-thinking educators,
  • best practice in contemporary education globally,
  • leading edge education research and development,
  • learning opportunities for those invested in education.

“The era of global education is truly exciting!”

Mrs Catherine Misson, Director of CEE


For more information please contact:

Catherine Misson, Director of CEE Media Liaison [email protected] +61 (3) 9862 9200

12 November 2014

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