Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

Healthy cooking champion and Your Flavour chef Ace Ehsan has launched his unique range of natural, healthy seasonings online, with 230 orders placed in just two days.

Mr Ehsan started to develop his unique seasonings in early 2014 at his Melbourne home, after being repeatedly disappointed by the lack of genuinely healthy seasonings available in stores. He decided to make his blends available to the public, word spread quickly and the Your Flavour website went live on 7 November.

“Your Flavour’s popularity is testament to the fact that people all over the world are hungry for delicious natural seasonings that reflect healthy choices," Mr Ehsan said. "With Your Flavour, anyone can cook with spices that are hand-crafted and ground fresh daily.”

Customers report that the experience of cooking with Your Flavour far exceeds their expectations.

"We have reports from families who cook together, with simple dishes like pasta with marinara sauce using our Italiano Perfecto seasoning being a big favourite.  The selections are very healthy and most importantly are vegan, 100% gluten free, MSG free and non GMO. Plus they’re hand-ground every day, so are really fresh."

Go to seasonings and grab a combo pack for the kitchen. You won’t regret it.”

  • Chef Ace Ehsan is available for interviews (and recipes!). 
  • High resolution photos are available on request.

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Your Flavour

Your Flavour makes healthy, delicious, all-natural seasonings with the highest quality herbs and spices and raw ingredients. Made to order. Buy Online. FREE shipping within Australia and available worldwide. Your Flavour's unique range of 100% natural seasonings contains:

No MSG, no GMOs, low in salt and gluten free, no fillers, no soy and no sugar, no artificial flavourings, additives or colours and maximum health benefits of only natural ingredients.

Hand-crafted in Australia by Your Flavour’s chef, our exclusive blends of herbs and spices are authentic and pure with a natural shelf-life of 12 months. Individually created from the highest quality herbs and spices and raw ingredients, Your Flavour seasonings are:

  • Healthy, nutritious and delicious
  • Paleo friendly and suitable for vegans
  • Made to order fresh-on-demand

Ace Ahsan
M: 0428 141 022


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