Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

Roy Morgan Research has partnered in New Zealand with geomarketing specialist Critchlow to provide marketers and retailers with full end-to-end, local area consulting and services.

Helix Personas has identified and described the psychographic and behavioural profile of every household in the country. Just knowing an address means understanding its inhabitants.

Enriched by Helix, Critchlow’s location intelligence tools and online systems will now enable users to integrate their own customer data or third-party data sets to generate the most comprehensive view of the local market.

John Ellenberger, Helix Program Manager – Roy Morgan Research, says:

“We are excited to bring Helix to New Zealand with our partner Critchlow, whose skills and experience in local area marketing and spatial targeting will unlock the full value and power of Helix to New Zealand’s retailers.

“Helix Personas can profile retailers’ existing customers to reveal insights into their behaviours, attitudes, values and consumption patterns. Appropriate marketing strategies can then be formulated, from marketing communications and local area plans to store locations and product stock optimisation. We are very pleased to be working with Critchlow, one of New Zealand’s spatial analytics pioneers.”

Steve Critchlow, Managing Director – Critchlow Ltd says:

“Helix is unique in providing incredibly rich psychographic data that adds far more meaningful and actionable consumer insight than any purely demographic tool can offer. Geospatial solutions in the areas of branch network optimisation and local area marketing benefit from a richer understanding of the population in the areas.

“When this data is combined with clients’ own customer, product and transactional information and then presented in a geospatial way many underlying patterns and opportunities can be easily identified.

“We’re excited to be able to offer this capability to our clients. Adding Helix to the range of market leading solutions we offer ensures that our customers have access to the best-of-breed solutions that they have come to expect from us. Helix complements our existing range of geomarketing services and the partnership is expected to open new doors for us.”

View the full release with more information about how it all works on our website

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