Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

Sydney, AUSTRALIA – An Airfares Flights (AirfaresFlights.com.au)  survey into the travel spending intentions of 500 Australians has revealed some interesting insights into 2015 travel trends.

When asked to indicate their holiday spending intentions for next year, 77.4 percent of respondents indicated they would spend the same or more on holidays in 2015 than they have in 2014. Only 10.8 percent indicated that plan to spend less.

Key results were;

1.Over a quarter of respondents plan to spend significantly more

26.6 percent of respondents plan to spend significantly more on their holidays next year, whilst 31 percent plan to spend slightly more.

2.Only one in ten plan to spend less next year.

Surprisingly, very few respondents plan to spend less next year (10.8 percent), signalling further strength in consumers spending habits going forward. A smaller proportion (2 percent) planned to spend nothing next year.

3.One in five respondents plan to spend the same next year

19.8 percent of respondents plan to spend roughly the same amount next year on holidays as they have last year.

Result Details

Survey results are based on 500 respondents and were commissioned by an independent survey company. Based on the net responses, the rankings were as follows;

Do you plan to spend more on holidays in 2015 than you did in 2014?



Significantly more (>25%)


Slightly more


About the same


Slightly Less


Significantly Less(<25%)


Do not plan to spend


Haven’t planned / no response



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