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Consider this:

A website that capitalises on the popularity of ebay, gumtree, quiksales and carsales

                - But it's not another auction site

A website that makes every user feel like 'that well connected guy who always gets a deal done' 

                - But it's not another social media site

A website that brings power back to bricks and mortar shops

                - But it's not another online store. is the brainchild of a young Aussie couple who were trying to sell their 2-door hatchback in order to buy a more family friendly car prior to the arrival of their first baby. Like may Aussies they soon discovered what a difficult and costly task selling a car can be. Heavily pregnant and getting nowhere with the sale, Jade said to her husband Greg "I wish someone else could sell it for us, I just cant be bothered anymore", and with that the concept of an online sales broker (i.e an iBroker) was born.

So with no technical or startup experience, this mum and dad from the northern suburbs of Victoria have designed and launched a website that makes selling anything of value easier for everyone.

Selling your car online just keeps getting harder

With the introduction of the internet came many technical advances, including the ability to easily buy and sell things online. While this has worked well for many years it appears to have reached a tipping point - particularly when it comes to selling your car. The founders of see many issues with the online sales model as it stands:

1. Time Poor - "Australians are busy, too busy to be managing online listings and they especially don't have the time for fielding 'tyre-kicking' type enquiries. In fact, many Australian families have over stocked garages and spare rooms that are filled with the stuff they would sell if they had the time or could be bothered. Research actually estimates that 1 in 5 Aussie households have at least 40 items they no longer need or require".

2. Competition - "These days online sales competition is tremendous. At any one time there are 230,000 cars on carsales, 1.7 Million items on gumtree, not to mention the millions of listings on ebay! So, while its certainly easy and convenient to list your item online, the chances of a potential buyer looking at your listing, and then being willing to pay the asking price is simply becoming less and less likely".

3. Neglected Buyer Marker - "Research shows that 6 out of 10 Australian consumers are now using a combination of both online and traditional retail stores as part of their purchase process. So, when we consider the sale of second hand goods, the current online sales model neglects to include non-online buyers, thus cutting out a large chunk of the buyers market.  In fact, ¼ of Australians did not make an online purchase in 2012/13".

4. Expertise - "Selling your stuff online relies on having some degree of product knowledge to ensure you get the most 'bang for your buck'. For example, when trying to sell a car, while you may know the make, model and colour of the vehicle, that can often be where a sellers expertise ends. Such inexperience suggests that a seller may not truly understand the value of their car, and so could open themselves up to being ripped off".

5. Expensive - "Listing fees, upon listing fees, upon listing fees! It can add up to a very expensive exercise when you list on multiple auction or classified sites, not to mention having to re-list once the time period has lapsed". 

"All in all the way we see it, selling online is becoming a prolonged, expensive and stressful experience, most likely resulting in a seller reducing the price of their item in order to just 'get rid of the damn thing'".


There has to be an easier way!

The ethos of is to take the hassle out of selling. It connects Sellers (people who need help selling their stuff/cant be bothered selling their stuff) with Brokerz (people who will do it for them). These 'Brokerz' are everyday people who have some form of expertise to offer a Seller, it could be personal or industry contacts to sell the item to; a store front specialising in the item (e.g. a car dealership), or some experience with traditional online auction/classified sites that allows for targeted listings at the right price.

In a nut shell these Brokerz do all the hard work while a Seller gets to sit back, relax and wait for the offers to roll in. The Brokers do get paid a commission of the sale though, so there is every incentive for them to get the job done quickly and for the best price possible. is simple to use, and the founders are keen to keep it that way. Here's how it works:

1. List the item you need to sell (its free!)

2. Brokerz will bid for the job

3. You select the Broker that you like best

4. Your Broker will sell the item for you

5. You get the sale, Broker gets a commission

"There is some rigor to the Broker selection process" explains Jade Ralston. "We wanted to make sure our Sellers could rest assured that we had screened and hand selected every Broker on our site to ensure they had the best experience possible". Its not all about the Sellers though, with Jade stating "at the end of the day we see our site as having two user groups to care for, the first being our Sellers and the second being our Brokerz. If we are able to keep everyone happy we are more likely to run a successful business. We are always interested in hearing from potential Brokerz who feel they have the skills to help our Sellers, as they really are the backbone of what we do".  

Given the ease of use and convenience of a site like this, it is refreshing to note that is currently free for both Sellers and Brokerz to use.

For comments or more information about iBrokerz automotive selling solution, please contact:

Jade Ralston, iBrokerz Founder & Director

Telephone: +61 411 055 961


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iBrokerz is a website where you can post items that you are either having a hard time selling or cant be bothered selling. Our brokers bid on posted items saying how much they think they can sell the item for. The seller then picks a broker to work with, and once the broker sells the item they get a commission for their work.

Jade Ralston
M: 0411055961


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