Thursday, November 6th, 2014

Market like a startup

How do startups succeed? 

Successful startups don't waste time on activities that aren't guaranteed to bring results.

Successful startups don't waste budget on anything with a low ROI.

Successful startups focus intensely on achieving results.

And successful startups also know that 20% of your effort will bring in 80% of your revenue.

Successful startups know how to find that 20%.


Apply startup smarts to your digital marketing

Bottom Line Digital successfully applies startup smarts to digital marketing strategies for their clients and The Tipping Point is your chance to learn techniques and tools that can turn your digital marketing around.

This 3 hour 'incubator' event on Saturday 15 November is for businesses on the web. In three crucial hours the event speakers will shine the spotlight on how to get results from your digital marketing.

The Tipping Point is brought to you by Bottom Line Digital, a company that specialises in customised, results-driven Digital Marketing Strategies. The company's CEO Harsha Racha has been working personally with companies for over a decade, showing them how to achieve results from their digital marketing – from organic search, through paid search and social media. He's put together a team of experts in search, social media, content and strategy to round out a range of full-service digital marketing packages that will work for any kind of online business.

It's not what you know…

"I've learned that what works for any business is simple, but also a surprise for many business owners. It's this: knowledge is not important. What's important is applying the knowledge. There are plenty of people who understand the 'why' of SEO, paid search and social media," he says. "All the knowledge in the world is no good unless you can apply it. Day to day, the 'why' matters less than the 'how'."

Tipping Point will share secrets from the science and art of a successful digital marketing strategy, with real-life insights into the balance between 'knowledge' and ' gut instinct'. This combination of art and science of digital marketing is the key to finding that elusive 20% of effort that will contribute to 80% of your online business.

A limited opportunity

Bottom Line Digital's first incubator session is limited to just 100 people and it's a tight 3-hour program covering organic search, paid search, social media and content – with tools and techniques to apply for each.

There's an enormous appetite among business owners for digital marketing strategies that get results – without wasted time or wasted budget. Register early to guarantee a place.

Registrations open

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Combining technology and experience to grow your bottom line. We advise on digital marketing strategy & create bespoke solutions to engage and convert your customers. At Bottom Line Digital we employ the discipline of science and the intuition of the artist, in a digital marketing approach that combines organic search, paid search and social media for maximum exposure and measurable results.

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