Monday, November 3rd, 2014

Every year since 2008, the Fitness Industry Survey has monitored how experiences with personal trainers affect overall satisfaction of gym members and club owners. This year, the survey delves deeper on the link between the need of club members and the effectiveness of personal trainers.

Ezypay Australia and iconnect360 software, in conjunction with the Fitness Industry Survey team, recently released the personal trainers’ infograph based on the answers from 11,3000 respondents in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore and found out why clubs owners and gym members hire personal trainers as well as why they stop using them. Other questions answered included criteria for hiring the right personal trainer and how gyms choose to pay personal trainers.

Providing extra motivation seems to be the main reason why both club owners and members engage the service of personal trainers. A survey respondent of the 2014 Fitness Industry Survey said: “They care about me and my body. They work with me and change our sessions to suit my needs. They are supportive and never criticise.”

The infograph also reveals that 32% of club owners are hiring personal trainers to help members reach their personal fitness goals, while 20% of the members said that the trainers are hired to assist them on their weight loss journey. On the other hand, 16% of gym members are recruiting the help of trainers to get advice on the right way to exercise.

The data shows that nearly 40% of gym members stopped using a personal trainer because it was too expensive, 15% halted their employment of trainers due to relocation, 12% learned the right techniques and 8% stopped personal training services as they were not satisfied with the results.

Dr. Ali Roodgar, Director of Anytime Fitness Malaysia has also pointed out several reasons why personal trainer services are slow to be established in Asian countries such as Malaysia. He says that, “Working hours, busy schedules, lack of knowledge and passion of the personal trainers, traffic which makes them late for the personal training schedule and lack of encouragement from current gyms,” are all possible reasons why many gym members are reluctant to sign up or pursue their fitness goals with the help of a personal trainer.

To find out about how clubs pay their personal trainers and more, download the free 2014 Personal Trainers Infograph as well as many other free infographs at the Ezypay website. Other infographs featured on the website include findings on gym membership, clubs and past members. 

Download your free copy of the 2014 Personal Training Infograph here.


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