Monday, November 3rd, 2014

The Brolga Theatre in Queensland, Australia is the cultural entertainment heart of the Fraser Coast, with a first-class theatre and conference venue that attracts the finest international and national performers. The Brolga Theatre has recently implemented a complete turn-key audio system based on Meyer Sound’s award-winning Ultra products. 

Coordinated by Robert Haigh, operations technician at Brolga Theatre, with design assistance by Meyer Sound Australia, the system includes the UPQ-1P wide coverage and UPQ-2P narrow coverage point source loudspeakers complimented by UPA-1P’s as in-fill and USW-1P subwoofers from the system originally install some 14 years ago. 

“Originally equipped with a Meyer UPA-1/UPA-2 system, the Brolga Theatre has always been a Meyer Sound client.  Over a number of years it became apparent that touring musicians demanded a system with greater capacity and SPL for our 900-seat auditorium. Once we decided on a replacement point-source system, Meyer was an easy choice. Reflecting the original design specification, the equipment is of the highest standard, and support from Chris D’Bais and the team was superb.  By providing a test system to allow us to do a side-by-side comparison they made it easy to prove the result reflected the proposal before we committed a single cent.  We now have the capacity to fill the auditorium with sound that satisfies all but the biggest touring shows, and improves overall performance for everybody else at a much more affordable cost than a line array solution, we couldn’t be happier.” says Robert Haigh, operations technician.

The self-powered UPQ-1P wide coverage loudspeaker is a member of the award-winning Ultra family of loudspeakers, with a peak output of 136 dB SPL with low distortion. Its extended low-frequency headroom gives it a smooth sound over its wide operating frequency range of 55 Hz to 18 kHz. With its easy-to-use and versatile QuickFly rigging, the UPQ-1P loudspeaker is equally suited to touring, rental and fixed installation applications. A high power-to-size ratio and ease of use makes the UPQ-1P an outstanding performer in concerts and corporate AV applications, and ideal for venues such as theatres, houses of worship, ballrooms, and nightclubs. 

The UPQ-2P is distinguished by its constant-Q horn with a narrow beamwidth (50-degree by 50-degree) that yields precise coverage and minimal interaction with walls and neighbouring loudspeakers in arrays. The horn's smooth and accurate performance, the result of meticulous research in Meyer Sound's anechoic chamber, exhibits a remarkably consistent beamwidth in both the horizontal and vertical planes across a wide frequency range of 1 kHz to 18 kHz. In addition, the UPQ-2P horn delivers uniform attenuation for all frequencies outside the specified beamwidth.

For more information on The Brolga Theatre and Convention Centre Contact 
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For more information on the Meyer Sound UPQ-1P or UPQ-2P, visit  or contact:

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