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Australians aged between 6 and 13 currently have $653 million in personal savings. They represent 1.8 million young people and account for 74% of this age group. These are the latest findings from the Roy Morgan Young Australians Survey of 2,800 interviews with children aged between 6 and 13 in the 12 months to June 2014.

Amount Saved by Young Australians

The average amount saved by young Australians is $ 285 but the distribution of balances is highly skewed with 21.2% having less than $50 and 10.2% have $1,000 or more.

Amount Saved by Young Australians (aged 6 to 13)

Amount Saved by Young Australians (aged 6 to 13)Source: Roy Morgan Young Australians Survey, July 2013 – June 2014 (n=2,800), *Includes no savings

It is worth noting that over a quarter (26%) either have no savings or can’t say if they do, leaving only 74% with a known amount in savings.

Bank Customers with Children 6 to 13

With a number of banks having an increased focus on children’s banking, their growth potential will be influenced by the proportion of their customers that have children aged 6 to 13 in their households.

Although around 20% of banks customers live in households with children in this age range, there is some variation in this proportion between banks.

Proportion of Bank Customers with Children 6 to 13 in Household

bank customers with children in householdSource: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), July 2013 to June 2014 (n=48,947)

Heritage bank has the highest proportion (25.8%) of customers living in households with children aged between 6 and 13. Of the big four banks, the ANZ has the highest with 22.5% and the NAB is the lowest with 20.2%.

Norman Morris, Industry Communications Director, Roy Morgan Research, says:

"Although just on three quarters of young Australians have their own savings, there is plenty of scope to improve this as this level has in fact gone down by a few percent over the last decade.


"In addition to the need to increase the proportion who save, there is a considerable opportunity to increase the amount that is saved as around one fifth have savings of only less than fifty dollars.


"It is recognized that a major focus of children’s banking is educational rather than high savings levels but in order to achieve this, a larger proportion of children need to be encouraged to save, the current trend is not meeting this objective.


"There is obviously a major role to be played by parents to encourage their children to save but banks also need to play a role by providing suitable products and incentives.


"In the long term it is obviously hoped that a worthwhile savings pattern developed with a particular bank in childhood will ultimately lead to a longer term adult relationship with the bank. Success in the longer term will depend on a number of factors and experiences over many years but children’s banking should at least provide a good foundation for an ongoing relationship."

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