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Belmont Business Enterprise Centre Inc. (Belmont BEC) is a non-profit community based organisation established, which was established in May of 1994, and celebrates 20 years of service this year. The Belmont BEC offers ‘one stop shop, low-cost advisory services’ and provides small business support with a helpline, mentoring, networking, legal and accounting support and a range of other services. The Belmont BEC not only services small business owners in Belmont and Western Australia, but is able to deliver its services across Australia and beyond via its innovative online training webinars and mentoring.

Next year, the Belmont BEC who have assisted more than 26,000 entrepreneurs to start, develop and grow their small business will produce a new book series that will record the inspirational messages and business tips that small business entrepreneurs would like to share with others.

The first book titled ‘1001 Business Tips from 101™ Entrepreneurs’ will invite business owners to participate in the book by providing their top 10 Tips, a brief biography, an inspirational message and other insightful information such as the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur.

Carol Hanlon, CEO of Belmont BEC said, “Over my 20 years running the Belmont BEC, I’ve chatted to countless business owners about their businesses and what they’ve learned. I believe that many others could benefit from the advice of people who are out there doing the hard yards in business, and also want to highlight business owners’ successes.”

The Belmont BEC is calling for businesses that want to be profiled to get in touch with the Centre.

Special participation rates available for Friends of Belmont BEC. For more information on this project please contact [email protected]

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Belmont Business Enterprise Centre Inc.

Belmont BEC is a non-profit community organisation providing training and mentoring support services to individuals to start or improve their small business and is a specialist in virtual business incubation.

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Belmont Business Enterprise Centre, ‘1001 ‘Business Tips from 101™ Entrepreneurs’



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