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Tongue SweeperWhiter Smile is Australia's largest and most trusted teeth whitening and oral hygiene superstore since opening their store in 2005. Stocking an authoritative selection of the best teeth whitening and oral hygiene products on the planet, the Whiter Smile Exclusive line can whiten your teeth up to 10 shades lighter and has been developed by an industry leader with over 30 years experience in the field of cosmetic dentistry. We supply our products to TV personalities, actors, models and out teeth whitening gel is even supplied to dentists around the world. We guarantee our teeth whitening gel to be the same quality and freshness as that found in the dentist's office with the same results possible.

It is with great excitement we have been able to secure a relationship with American manufacturer Biocurv who are the creators of the most effective tongue cleaners in the world and the geniuses behind the Tongue Sweeper! Biocurv Medical Instruments was founded in 1997 with the goal of developing an entirely new concept in oral care products for the medical and dental professions. The company specializes in making medical grade, biocompatible tongue cleaning instruments for the safe and effective removal of harmful oral bacteria and soft plaques on the tongue. Customers around the world have found that Biocurv instruments are made to the strictest standards with the most advanced technologies available. 

Tongue Cleaners need to work safely and efficiently to achieve optimal clinical outcomes. Tongue Sweepers are constructed of the finest steel alloys, 100% pure titanium, and professional models have proprietary medical coatings to ensure a long lasting, effective, and environmentally responsible oral hygiene instrument. It has the ultra-smooth edge design with the patented sleek profile for easier use and minimized gagging. It is made of medical grade stainless steel and has a full plastisol handle. The plastisol hand is available in an assortment of colors which will be randomly selected upon ordering.

Why the Tongue Sweeper?

  • Soft rubberized grip gives extra control.
  • Super smooth and comfortable cleaning edge.
  • Finished with SURECOATtm, a proprietary, superior coating used for medical applications.
  • Exceptional durability – will not nick, break, or otherwise be damaged, unlike plastic models.
  • Non-toxic and non-allergenic.
  • Soft FDA approved rubberized grip for extra control.
  • Can be disinfected in a dishwasher.
  • Designed for easy one-handed use.
  • Designed to fit in most toothbrush holders.
  • Made entirely in the USA.
  • Comes in different colours – will be randomly selected

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Whiter Smile

Whiter Smile has been Australia's largest and most trusted teeth whitening and oral hygiene online store since opening shop in 2005, stocking an authoritative selection of only the best and most effective products in the world. 

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