Friday, October 24th, 2014

Since 2008, the Fitness Industry Survey has proven that gym member satisfaction has remained steady at a rate of 60%. This year, the survey delves deeper into what exactly determines the satisfaction of active gym members.

The 2014 member infograph recently released by Fitness Industry Survey conducted by Australian-based Ezypay in collaboration with membership management software iconnect360 interviews over 11,300 respondents from Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Hong Kong on the main reason they signed up for a gym membership as well as what they like about their gym or fitness club. The latest findings also includes citations from current members on what they feel business owners of fitness centres and gyms should work on to further push the satisfaction rating above 60%.

A gym with a strategic location remains as the number one reason over 50% of gym members continue to subscribe to a gym or fitness club. A survey respondent of the 2014 Fitness Industry Survey remarked: “It (the gym) is located across the road from my house and I have been using the facilities for 30 years”. 

What is remarkable about this year’s data is that “value for money” is cited as the second highest factor in determining a member’s long-term commitment. Remarks such as “full range of equipment, types of classes, all forms of training range, swimming pool, women’s only classes, flexible class times after working hours and high quality training sessions” indicates that gym members are willing to invest in fitness clubs and gyms that provide greater perceived value, as opposed to training centres that provide only the most basic equipment and supervision. This data is further reinforced by members responding to the question on where their gym should be investing in 2015.

1 in 4 gym members believe that gyms and fitness centres should provide more group fitness classes whereas a substantial 41% of gym members believe that fitness centres should provide bigger facilities and better equipment for their members.

The professionalism of the staff ranked in as the third determining factor of whether or not a member will prolong his/her membership at a gym or fitness centre. Over 60% of gym members believe that interaction with the fitness club staff during each visit is important, suggesting that staff should be trained to extend their service and dialogue with their clients past a successful sales pitch. A survey respondent best surmised this by saying, “Location, cleanliness and equipment are all good, but the instructor’s personality and ability to motivate is crucial to the participant’s enjoyment levels and desire to keep returning.”

The 2014 Members infograph is one of the many free infographs available for download at the Ezypay website. Lauretta Stace, CEO of Fitness Australia says that, “The Fitness Industry Survey is the first class resource for the industry.” It is the largest fitness industry survey in the world and includes data on the latest fitness trends, past gym members, personal trainers, staff salary and marketing.

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