Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

An astounding 51% of past gym members in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia have admitted that they would return to their previous gym or fitness club under certain financial provisions.

The 2014 annual Fitness Industry Survey conducted by Ezypay and iconnect360 indicates that in the midst of an increasingly competitive fitness industry, there is an untapped revenue source and growth opportunities awaiting gyms and fitness centres that can adapt to the hectic lifestyles and financial constraints of its past members.

The latest infograph released by the Fitness Industry Survey offers in-depth insight on past members who feel that while being actively fit should be a lifestyle priority for the sake of long-term health, nearly 1 in 5 of these members also have difficulty balancing time to go the gym against work commitments and personal time. 

Of the 1,325 respondents interviewed, 40% have paid for gym memberships for over 12 months whereas 21% were gym members for at least 10 to 12 months. This is another strong indicator that gyms and fitness clubs who can successfully woo these past gym members back into the club can increase their revenue by at least 40% to 60% in the next 10 to 12 months.

When asked for the main reason he/she left the gym, a respondent of the 2014 Fitness Industry survey was cited as saying: “Too busy, could never get on equipment, spent more time waiting than working out.” Over 1,000 respondents from 5 countries similarly echo this remark – an indication that gym members who feel sidelined, undervalued or under appreciated are more likely to quit their membership in the long term, regardless of the gym equipment, classes or facilities provided.

Interesting enough, the top three factors that would entice past members to re-join the same gym are all related to monetary gains. 25% of past members would re-join their club if the membership contract is waived, whereas 14% would re-join if there was no additional joining fee and another 14% would re-join at the same price rate as before. One other notable factor that can alter the past member’s decision to join or leave a gym is the personal training package and buddy promotion.

11% of past members would re-join a gym if they are offered free personal training sessions whereas 9% of past members are of the opinion that they would be much more likely to re-join a gym if they can invite a friend/family member along for the workout session. Taking into consideration that only 10% of the past members interviewed would never renew they gym membership, the latest Fitness Industry Survey indicates that it would be worth looking into winning over the other 90% of past gym members who would consider re-joining the gym under the right circumstances. 
The 2014 Past Gym Members Infograph is a part of the annual Fitness Industry Survey conducted by Ezypay and iconnect360.  It is the largest fitness survey conducted with over 11,000 respondents from 5 countries. Within the next month, the Fitness Industry Survey will also release findings on personal trainers, staff salary and marketing. 

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