Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

The world's first horse race big betting website recently launched in Australia. The service, found at, tracks and charts big bets placed on horse races and uses data visualisation to give punters insights into market moves and potential betting opportunities.

Australians, who are renowned for their love of punting big on horse races, now have an additional edge instead of relying solely on form and tipping websites. also offers race analysis for selected Melbourne and Sydney races, providing ABCD selections, racemaps, front runners, pace comments, plus and minus factors, risk horses, odds fluctuations, and more.

Bets upwards of $1,000 are placed regularly on horses throughout Australia's racetracks. Just in the past 30 days, is already tracking nearly 3000 individual big bets worth a over $4.5 million. Other insightful statistics found on the big bets website include; most bet on horses, most bet on jockeys, and most bet on trainers, giving punters the opportunity to see "who's hot".

Data available on today's big bets on horse racing

A number of features are available to give user's information on the day's races with up-to-minute data collection.

- Punters can sign up for an email service that alerts them when a significant amount of bets are placed on one horse. A link in the alert is then provided to the relevant page.

- Racemap analysis for selected Melbourne and Sydney races highlights the major pros and cons of each horse with ABCD selections.

- Graphs and charts help punters make more educated betting choices.

Most bet on horse

Saturday is traditionally the biggest race day of the week and punters can use all of the features for free to assess the risk versus potential reward. Punters are also covered throughout the year with big racing events such as the Melbourne Cup, also on Twitter @bigbetting.

Data available for the Melbourne Cup

The Melbourne Cup is the biggest horse race in Australia attracting casual and pro punters alike. Following the trends and statistics on greatly assists a punter on this greatest of race days.

- The big bets table offers up-to-minute information on bets placed on the Melbourne Cup.

- Professional race analysts' write-ups dig deep into their ABCD selections during the Melbourne Cup Carnival offering punters another edge to their betting strategies.

Quote from the founder

In an interview with the press, founder Henry Ruuskanen stated that:

"The majority of punters at the race track lose money because they're often emotionally attached to a horse's name, or number. To stop our emotions running high and getting the better of our judgement when placing bets, the internet offers plenty of opportunities to make wiser choices.

While there's hardly ever a 'sure bet' there are many ways to reduce risk and maintain perspective, especially when betting big. offers punters these opportunities. We're proud of the site so far and the punters love it, which is great. But really, we're only getting started."

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iMedia Group

Since 2001 iMedia Group Pty Ltd has been offering its website visitors free tips and analysis on sports and horse racing with the purpose of assisting them in making more educated choices when it comes to betting. The website is one good example this.

Henry Ruuskanen


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