Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

Almost 1.5 million Australian homes and businesses have solar power installed, making Australia unique in the world.

However, the majority of Australian solar users can already see that storage and load control are increasingly important for getting the most out of their systems, especially as Feed In Tariffs decline and utility restrictions increase.

US based Enphase Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ: ENPH), announced the launch today of three game changing new products which together are set to change the way solar is generated, stored and managed around the world. The Enphase Energy Management System intelligently integrates the critical technologies needed to solve solar energy challenges at scale: smart grid intelligence, communications, big data analytics and storage. The energy management system offers the next-generation, smart-grid ready Enphase microinverter, plug-and-play storage, advanced control capabilities and load management.

The new Enphase system starts with maximised solar generation. The company's all new Gen 5 "S Series" micro inverter maximises output from individual solar panels and in a world first, is now bi-directional, allowing energy management and utiltiy control; essential for getting connected in an increasing number of locations.  

Energy storage is the second key to the new offer. Enphase's AC Battery is an advanced, modular, plug-and-play energy storage solution, a product that the world hasn't seen to date. Using hi quality Japanese Lithium Ion batteries, the new AC Battery is compact, light weight and completely self contained delivering optimised AC power for homes and businesses and is almost infinitely scaleable.

The third key is advanced data collection and load control. Using the next generation of Enphase data collection systems, users can match loads to generation, intuitively optimise when they store energy and crucially, control it all with a simple and user freindly app.

“Enphase is taking a fundamentally different approach to energy management,” said Paul Nahi, Enphase CEO. “The solar industry is dominated by static, isolated systems that do not integrate, communicate, scale or adapt quickly to changes in power generation. Our energy management system is designed to accelerate mass penetration of solar globally and make mainstream access to clean, affordable energy a reality.”

Australian based solar industry analysts SolarBusinessServices have watched the solar industry change dramatically over the last 20 years, and see this evolution as a critical next step."Australia has become a distributed solar energy superpower" Diector Nigel Morris noted. "With more small scale solar systems than any other country in the world, we have unique challenges and opportunities and intelligent data based solutions like the Enphase Energy Management System are going to help solar users install even more, far smarter systems." 

Morris also noted that Enphase are more like Apple or Google than a traditional electronics manufacturer. Founder Ragu Belur comes from a data background and it shows; Enphase handles more data from solar systems aroudn the world than Twitter on an average day.It’s also becoming apparant that Enphase sees more data on what the grid is doing than the utilities, in some parts of the world

"When these new products hit the market next year, we will see a transformation in the way the electricity grid operates" Morris said. "Solar consumers will become pro-active energy "pro-sumers" and utilties will have the tools and functionality to open up the floodgates for far greater levels of solar uptake, something that 90% of Australias say they want to do, according to recent surveys".

You can read the offical Press Release from Enphase Energy Inc on the AC Battery here and the Energy Management System here.


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