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Swim with sharks, rent a villa, do yoga and buy Botox, a Rolex, and a half-priced burrito.*
3.5 million Australians 14+ (18%) visited Group Buying websites Groupon, Catch of the Day, Living Social, Deals Direct, Scoopon, Cudo or Spreets in an average four weeks, the latest data from Roy Morgan Research shows. 

2.2 million Group Buyers (63%) go to just one of these websites, with Groupon, Catch of the Day and Living Social reaching the most exclusive visitors. However over a million more Group Buyers (31%) visit two or three different sites and almost a quarter-million log on to four or more a month.

Deal-hunters: Australians visiting Group Buying Websites:

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source, July 2013–June 2014 n = 16,350 Australians 14+

Group Buyers are unsurprisingly more likely than the average Australian to use coupons and shopper dockets, enter competitions, and to feel comfortable giving out credit card details over the internet. But there also are numerous, seemingly unrelated, attitudes that score an increasing rate of agreement the more group buying websites are visited.

Group Buyers are more likely to:

  • agree they’re happy to receive relevant advertising  
  • organise holidays on behalf of family and friends
  • agree credit enables them to buy the things they want
  • keep up-to-date with new home-improvement ideas  
  • look for new experiences every day

And the more sites they visit, the more likely they are. However when it comes to being label-conscious, what at first appears to be a similar trend turns out otherwise: although visitors to just one or two to three sites are increasingly more likely than average to buy a product because of the label, the most ardent (or perhaps least discerning) Group Buyers are actually 25%less likely.

Attitudes of Group Buyers vs Australian norm by number of different sites visited:

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source, July 2013–June 2014 n = 16,350 Australians 14+ who visited one, two or three, four or more or no Group Buying websites in the last four weeks

* Max two per person. Conditions apply.

Tim Martin, General Manager - Media, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“Clearly the audiences for these websites, by their very nature, are on the hunt for the best deal or next exciting offer, wherever it comes from. The group buying category is competitive, and heating up. The operators of these websites will need to keep close eyes on their competition and find ways to keep their customer loyal and their deals unique.

“Our data shows that Catch of the Day have the highest proportion of ‘exclusive audience’ not found elsewhere on the other group buying websites, followed by Groupon, Deals Direct and Living Social. But almost 75% of Scoopon’s audience is also off browsing at least one other site, while nearly a third of people on Spreets (recently acquired by Yahoo7) or Cudo visit at least three other sites.” 

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