Friday, April 16th, 2010
Within the week, the Ministers from each State of Australia will vote on whether voluntary vaccinations for Equine Influenza (EI) will be permitted in Australia.

This is one vote per State and Territory.

Each Minister will bring to the table the “Yes” or “No” vote from their state horse organisations.

Horse SA is calling for all South Australian horse owners, veterinarians, business owners and organisations to write today to Minister Michael O'Brien to have your voice heard. Interstate colleagues are also encouraged to do the same with their respective agriculture MP’s.

Significant grass roots lobbying against the case for voluntary EI vaccinations has been taking place over the past few weeks, primarily aimed at the Federal Agriculture Minister, Tony Bourke. Minister Bourke needs to be informed, however is only one vote. Each state Minister will also advocate and then vote for their respective position.

“All the lobbying in the world against vaccinations will not work unless Minister Bourke can see that the Emergency Animal Disease Cost Sharing Agreement (EADRA) is signed and a levy mechanism is agreed” said Julie Fiedler, Executive Officer of Horse SA.

Horse SA fears it may now be too late for EADRA, in spite of the positive intentions of the leading horse organisations.

It is far from clear which way each of the State Ministers will vote. Horse SA would welcome a senior journalist to prepare an investigative story. Clarification around cessation of the push to vaccinate if EADRA is signed and DAFF’s commitment to supporting the signing of EADRA are essential inquiries.

The defeat of the Horse Levy Bills in the Senate last year also hangs as a dark cloud. Minister Bourke would need to be confident the Bills would not fail a second time if represented.

“In all correspondence, phone calls or visits to Members of Parliament, not only state your position in relation to voluntary vaccination for EI, but to the signing of EADRA.” Julie continued “This will assist the speed and direction of the EADRA process and determine if amended Horse Levy Bills can be represented.”

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