Thursday, October 16th, 2014

Gemworth, Victoria:  Running a successful franchise has taught business woman Leonie Woodham why she does not want to run that type of business any more.

However, Leonie still wants to share her passion for animals with other potential business owners who would rather run their own race than enter into a franchise agreement.

Tapping into two decades of mobile animal farm knowledge, she has packaged this info into the ultimate mobile animal farm business system.

Leonie said many people get into franchising because they want to run their own business. “Then they realise how many rules, policies and procedures there are,” she said.

“After a while, they start to resent it. They still love the business but not all the restrictions.”

The Animal On The Move Business in a Box has everything a franchise has – policies, systems, processes and operations manuals – without the restrictions.

“When I franchised Animals on the Move nine years ago, franchising was the buzzword. Now almost 10 years on, I have lived through the many pitfalls of franchising and I know there is a better way for me,” Leonie said.

“When someone buys a franchise, they do so because they want the ‘package’.

“But after a while, the franchisee wants to make changes, run their own race but the ‘rules’ of the franchise don’t allow this.

“Instead of buying a franchise and being restricted by the rules, I have created this business system of what works well and what doesn’t,” Leonie said.

Everything needed to run a successful mobile animal farm has been documented – from how to look after animals, what programs engages people, how to train staff, to how to run the back end.

Leonie said people can have the whole box and dice “and run their business without limitations.

"There are policies in the Box, but you can take them or leave them as you see fit. They are included because I thought them necessary for my business,” she said.

“There are operations manuals with step-by-step easy to follow instructions on how to do everything from start to finish on the job; every system I have in place that made Animals On The Move successful.

“You will not be restricted by rules and you certainly won’t have to pay me ongoing royalties. You will have complete freedom to run your business the way you want.”


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