Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

An Australian Company has recently been given the go-ahead to grow high CBD hemp oil for medicine in New South Wales for medicinal purposes, it was announced today.

The Australian Government has seen the potential for industrial hemp medicine production in Australia. The type of medicine being seen throughout the media recently being successfully used for Epilepsy, Cancer, Parkinson’s and other significant modern diseases are now able to be grown and processed in Australia.

Marijuana, cannabis and hemp are the same thing with subtle yet crucial difference in their psychoactive affects. Marijuana is high in THC and currently illegal in Australia. Low-THC hemp is currently legal to grow in Australia, however it has been illegal for anyone to grow hemp and use the flowers although not containing any psychoactive properties of the plant.

Long-time hemp entrepreneur Paul Benhaim has grown industrial hemp in Australia for many years. The low-THC hemp plants grown have previously been for his company, Hemp Foods Australia that manufactures non-drug hemp seeds, hemp oil and hemp protein for skincare and food for export.

“In the last year I have found that our team has been receiving more calls than ever from people wanting hemp as a medicine for epilepsy or cancer, and I had been unable to direct their calls to anyone,” says Mr Benhaim, CEO and founder of Hemp Foods Australia, the Southern Hemisphere’s largest manufacturer of hemp seeds, oil and protein.

“With over 20 years of work with in Industrial Hemp I was able to identify the ideal partners in Europe to manufacture this medicine where it is legal. Within six months we had setup a venture called ‘Elixinol’ which manufactured and distributed high quality CBD hemp oil or ‘cannabidiol’ rich hemp oil for sale and export mainly to North America.”

This CBD hemp oil comes from industrial hemp and contains very low-THC (the drug ingredient found in recreational marijuana). It is now legal for production and sale throughout the world.

“With demand increasing, and my unique position within the Southern Hemisphere we recognised our ability to offer regular supply globally.”

An offer to consider change in legislation was helpful in the long-term, however Paul Benhaim was offered a unique exemption to the law to attract investment into rural NSW. The hemp oil, sold as a dietary supplement whilst clinical trials are underway is being exported to Europe and North America where results from this plant medicine seem to be little short of a miracle.

Industrial Hemp Farmers have been given an opportunity to not only sell their crop for fibre and seed, but now also for the flowers which are turned into this medicine. This triple use now makes industrial hemp a crop worth considering.

‘High CBD hemp’ Crops are expected to be planted within the next few weeks in New South Wales. The special breeds selected from Elixinol are based on decades of research into special cannabinoid varieties bred specifically for medicinal use.

Hemp seed oil, low in THC and high in CBD is now available legally in Australia for external use. No claims are able to be made until legislation and TGA approval has been approved – expected early next year.

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Paul Benhaim – 02 6687 1260 or 0407 767 709

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Elixinol was started by Paul Benhaim, founder of Hemp Foods Australia who has worked with industrial hemp for 20 years+ in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

Elixinol grows, processes and manufacturers high CBD hemp oil, paste and powders in Europe and soon in Australia.

Paul Benhaim
P: 0266871260
M: 0407767709


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