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"The things I want to wear, and want to buy, are never in my size"

Dillan Blown knows his style. He knows what he wants to wear, what type of clothes he wants to buy and the look he is trying to achieve. It is always difficult for him, as the clothes he wants to wear generally belong in the men's section of the store, and the selection in his size just doesn't cut it.

2 years ago, Dillan, then aged 10, approached his parents with an idea. He had thought of a design and a brand name for a label he wanted to create. His Mum, Jessica, still has the little piece of paper he gave her on that day.

"Dillan came to us with his ideas. They were great, but we were unsure of whether it would last and if he was genuinely interested in creating this brand that would involve alot of work and alot of startup funds. We sat on it for 2 years, and when he still kept asking to pursue his first range we decided we were all in and we were going to let him have a go".

With collaboration with his Mum, they were able to source some help from Sydney company, Ampar, who helped them immensely with communicating with factories, understanding minimum quantities, customs and transport.

"Mum helped me with my designs. She is a fabric designer, so she was able to help me create my designs on Illustrator so the factory could use them."

Dillan wanted his first range to be about what he likes, what his friends like and the types of clothes that they want to wear.

"Our parents buy our clothes for us when we aren't with them. Mum would buy some things she thinks I would like, but most of the time it isn't what I want to wear. The range I have designed is in the style I like. The shorts are comfortable, and are in a soft cotton tracksuit material that is easy to wear but also has the slim design we want. The t-shirts are black and white and simple. I like to go to theme parks, I like music, I love footy, I like the beach. This is what the range is about."

The Trix season one collection designed by Dillan is available through the Trix website -, and in Forever Lee Gawler SA.

For equiries please contact [email protected]

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Trix Clothing

Designed by Dillan. Age 12. Lifestyle clothing for 8-16, and S-2XL. 

Jessica Blown
P: 0882800094
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