Thursday, April 15th, 2010
Three new, cost cutting plans for home phone and broadband are now available from engin (ASX:ENG). The Ignition bundles, from the leading provider of innovative pricing and service packages in the Australian VoIP market, were designed specifically to provide generous call levels and data allowances to cut customers’ telecoms bills.

The launch of the VoIP Ignition 69, 89 and 109 Plans extends broadband access with a data quota which can be used at anytime - there are no peak/off-peak limitations. And, with engin, only downloads are metered, any uploads are excluded from the monthly data quota.

All three Ignition Plans provide unlimited local and national VoIP calls across Australia. engin Plans also boast highly competitive rates for international calls (for a full list of international destinations please click here).

The mid-range Ignition 89 Plan, catering to the telecoms needs of the typical Australian household, is pitched as a marketplace winner on all counts: price, allowances and capacity. It provides 25 GB of data and unlimited mobile, local and national calls, all within the $89 monthly fee.

The VoIP Ignition 109 Plan provides 40 GB of data and unlimited mobile, local and national calls for the $109 monthly fee.

With the 24 month contract on each plan, engin offers amazing value with $0 connection fees, 4-port modem/router and Voicebox included. All plans can be changed at any time.

Greg Crameri, Residential Marketing Manager for engin, said: “Not only are we offering incredibly competitive pricing, but we have tripled our coverage across urban and regional Australia.

“Australians are making greater use of all types of phone services, are using increasing amounts of data and want much more competitive pricing. If you look at the data needs of the average family with a couple of teenagers our Ignition 89 Plan is unbeatable.”

To further assist home users in their move to VoIP, engin has a dedicated Australian based support team.

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