Thursday, April 15th, 2010

DataTraceDNA has been selected by Verifi TT and Elders Primary Wool to provide tracing technology for new carpet brand “Just Shorn”. 10 year exclusive contract embeds DataTraceDNA® in the consumer market.

DataDot Technology Limited (ASX: DDT) is pleased to announce that its joint venture DataTraceDNA Pty. Limited’s global licensee for textile applications, VTT Marketing Limited, using the trade name Verifi TT™, has been selected by Elders Primary Wool New Zealand to authenticate sustainable luxury carpets destined for the US market.

Elders Primary Wool, equally owned by Elders New Zealand and Primary Wool Cooperative recently unveiled the Just Shorn brand at trade shows in Las Vegas USA. The exclusive 10 year license to Elders Primary Wool for use of Verifi TT™ is for the application of covert DataTraceDNA® textile signatures to genuine sustainable New Zealand wool carpet. The signatures are invisible and can only be identified using a portable digital reader, the Authenticator.

John Pettengill, executive director of VTT Marketing said “The sale represented a unique opportunity for New Zealand wool growers to differentiate their product and represented his company’s first commercial sale of the technology. As well as offering a unique opportunity to authenticate wool carpets the technology presents a high level of protection against counterfeiting. Counterfeiting within the fashion sector presents one of the largest challenges in global brand protection and Verifi TT™ has attracted substantial interest from leading companies promoting fashion clothing, bags and footwear. Three global brand leaders are currently evaluating Verifi TT™ for use in textiles to improve counterfeit protection and are expected to conclude commercial arrangements within the next three months.”

DataTraceDNA Pty. Limited. (DataTraceDNA) is a 50/50 joint venture between DDT and the CSIRO. Ben Bootle, Chief Executive Officer of DataTraceDNA, said "Together with Verifi TT, DataTraceDNA aims to ensure that high-quality, sustainable New Zealand wool can be instantly proven as genuine anywhere in the supply chain. Our invisible tracer technology is the most durable form of product protection and authentication available, and this collaboration paves the way for broader US market adoption.” Mr. Bootle added, “Verifi TT™ is an excellent example of how a new product concept can be developed by DataTraceDNA and commercialised by way of partnering. It’s also a strong endorsement of the ongoing market potential of the DataTraceDNA® technology”.

The Verifi TT/Elders Primary Wool deal is for the sale of sustainable New Zealand wool carpet to CCA Global Partners in the USA, generally regarded as the world’s largest carpet retailer. “Verifi TT will make available a powerful technology that provides us with the ability to maintain integrity in the value chain, and will give all participants the confidence that they are getting exactly the fibre and carpet that they are expecting” said Stu Chapman, Chairman, Elders Primary Wool.

“Woollen carpets generally retail for about the same price as their synthetic rivals but they account for only 2 per cent of the US market. Growing the US market share of woollen carpets to only 3 per cent would use up New Zealand’s entire strong-wool clip.”

US legislation for sustainability certification makes it clear the onus is on the manufacturer to prove their product is genuine and can be proven to be sustainable. Entering the US market without the protection afforded by the Verifi TT™ system was simply not an option for Elders Primary Wool.

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DataTraceDNA Pty. Limited. is in a 50/50 joint venture with the CSIRO and DataDot Technology. The Company offers a groundbreaking approach to counterfeit security protection through nanotechnology that is invisibly embedded within the molecular structure of a manufactured product. DataDot Technology Ltd is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange under the code “DDT”. The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) owned by the Australian Federal Government, is one of the top ranked research institutions in the world and is a leader in the rapidly growing field of nanotechnology. The technologies are supported by our worldwide verification database.
Ben Bootle – CEO DataTraceDNA Pty Ltd
P: +61 2 8977 4900

Verifi TT technology

VTT Marketing Limited (Verifi TT) was established to commercialise the technology by a technology development syndicate with long term contractual links to the founding science organisations. The company directors have wide ranging experience in international business and the textile sector. The Verify TT™ proprietary system is the result of a collaborative science project that involved Australia’s DataTraceDNA Pty Limited and the textile science group within AgResearch, a New Zealand government owned research institution focused on primary industry. Verifi TT™ is protected by international patents together with closely held proprietary systems that underpin high level protection of the system.
John Pettengill
P: +64 21 987432


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