Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

Speedlancer Delivers Speed and Quality in the Online Marketplace

A new online service provider is creating waves in the freelance industry with its unique emphasis on speed. Appropriately named "Speedlancer", the company is the brainchild of Adam Stone, a 19-year-old Melbourne entrepreneur who understands the problem from an insider's point of view. As an entrepreneur, recently representing Australia in the 2013 Global Student Entrepreneur Awards, he became frustrated with the fact that a simple task, such as a logo design or a press release, could take providers up to 14 days to deliver.

Stone decided to challenge the industry by trialing a new and better way to deliver tasks promptly - by offering a four-hour guarantee. The key was finding the balance between speed, quality and price where his bold idea quickly began to meet a need in the online marketplace.

After recruiting a team of around 100 proven freelance professionals across a range of international time zones, his vision took shape, focusing initially on fast design, writing and data entry projects. After comprehensive testing, Stone proved his four hour model was viable and was extremely impressed with the quality of work delivered.

As the platform expands to include more categories, Speedlancer plans to offer unique product combinations. In the near future, Speedlancers will team up to provide full-service web development packages incorporating initial design, copy writing, website creation and SEO research. With each task completed four hours at a time, projects that in the past may have stretched for weeks will be completed in a matter of days.

For projects where time is of the essence, looming deadlines can make a swift turnaround even more crucial, something that Stone fully appreciates. Speedlancer uniquely promises that every project will be finished within four hours, taking a creative approach to meeting a competitive need fast.

“When you have a guarantee that everything on your checklist will be completed in under four hours, you have more time for your own productivity,” says Stone.

“You can get products live and start testing an MVP faster. We believe that is a quality of its own.”

Understandably, Stone is excited about the impact Speedlancer has already had on the freelance marketplace. With his eye firmly set on further growth, Stone says, "It’s time to leverage the power of the crowd to harness speed. We'll maintain quality through our curated and community-moderated Speedlancers.”

Stone aims to provide the fastest quality freelance marketplace around, competing with established players by offering a unique product. Taking the adage “less haste more speed” as a mission statement, Speedlancer is focused on expanding its valuable service to other areas, principally by enlisting more independent service providers to join the team.

Timewasters, dawdlers and procrastinators need not apply!

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Speedlancer is the fastest freelance task platform, delivering tasks within just 4 hours. Its curated, professional designers, writers, and data entry operators compete to accept your task as quickly as possible, leading to extremely efficient task delivery!

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