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Nearly 3.5 million Australians make or contribute to business decisions in an average year. From office managers to CEOs, farmers to HR consultants, board members to small business owners, Roy Morgan Research asks them all about their decision making, industry expectations, turnover and finances, employee numbers and hiring plans, preferred media and a whole lot more.   

Roy Morgan Research runs two continual surveys that can provide immediate trended and segmented research on Business issues: a specific Business Survey delivering rich ‘firmographics’ on Australian businesses, and a comprehensive Survey of business people who are either responsible for making or participate in business decisions, conducted as part of Roy Morgan Single Source.

Roy Morgan Business Survey

  • Commenced in May 2010 and now adding 12,000 new interviews each year
  • Covers businesses from every industry of all sizes across Australia
  • Monitors Business Confidence
  • Delivers rich firmographics such as turnover, industry, size, location and satisfaction with banks, insurance and more.
  • Completed using a mix of telephone and online interviewing
  • Weighted to represent total businesses in Australia according to ABS data

Roy Morgan Business Decision Maker Survey

  • Of the 50,000 consumers interviewed per year, 10,000 are business decision makers
  • Survey delivers comprehensive demographic, attitudinal, behavioural and media data
  • Covers business decisions made across 31 expenditure categories – such as  real estate, office supplies and furniture, farming stock, finance, computers, software, training, conferences, cars, hiring people, telecommunication and many more.
  • Quantifies the dollar value of these business decision makers

The results of these surveys generate three regular currency reports on Australian businesses:

  • Roy Morgan Business Confidence
  • Roy Morgan Business Banking Satisfaction
  • Roy Morgan Business Readership Survey

However these established monitors and other ready-made reports are just the tip of the iceberg: we have rich data on businesses and business people and the research vehicle to collect more data as needed.

If you need to take the ‘pulse of the business’ on any issue, be it of national interest or relevant only to your company, theNightly Business Pulse can SMS Business Panel members and have your answers ready the next day.

The Business Omnibus option lets you add specific questions to the Business Survey, with answers delivered and analysed against the suite of detailed firmographic information already available.

Michele Levine, CEO - Roy Morgan Research, says:

“Now in its fifth year, Roy Morgan’s Business Survey has accumulated extensive firmographics, also known as firm demographics, that can help define, identify and target prospect B2B organisations.

“Our long-established Single Source Survey can go even further in revealing the attitudes, behaviours and preferences of those Australians wearing two hats as both consumer and business decision maker.

“In terms of media buying, for example, these people are often exponentially more valuable than general population audiences. Our upcoming reports on Business Decision Quantities will soon therefore provide media owners and buyers with an understanding of the real dollar value of their audiences.” 

For comments or more information please contact:

Rory Manchee, Business Research - Roy Morgan Research 

M: 0408 626 544
E: [email protected]

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Roy Morgan Research

Roy Morgan Research is Australia’s best known and longest established market research and public opinion survey company. Roy Morgan Single Source is thorough, accurate, and provides comprehensive, directly applicable information about current and future customers. It is unique in that it directs all the questions to each individual from a base survey sample of around 55,000 interviews in Australia and 15,000 interviews in New Zealand annually - the largest Single Source databases in the world. The questions asked relate to lifestyle and attitudes, media consumption habits (including TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, cinema, catalogues, pay TV and the Internet), brand and product usage, purchase intentions, retail visitations, service provider preferences, financial information and recreation and leisure activities. This lead product is supported by a nationally networked, consultancy-orientated market research capability.
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