Thursday, October 9th, 2014

Media Statement released October 6, 2014 by George Mamouzellos,, Candidate for Casuarina

Darwin, NT: Casuarina Candidate George Mamouzellos has slammed the Territory Government Fuel Summit, saying that it was "an insult to Territorians intelligence".

Mr Mamouzellos, local Darwin businessman, said "Based on my experience, businesses only care about money and legal power. If they have the legal power to make money, then they will, end of story. Anything else is just fluff."

Mr Mamouzellos continued "I think that the fuel summit website should be changed to a single page that says 'Today we will explain why it is legal for us to charge as much as we do'. The fuel market is broken. The fastest and best solution is government owned fuel retailers, which is exactly what we did with Medibank Private and health insurance. The idea works. According to CDU law lecturer Ken Parish there is 'no legal impediment' to my idea. The door is open, legally speaking. Let's walk through it.".

"I read in the NT News that Territorians are overpaying by $1.6 million per week (est). A simple calculation tells you that with the amount of money Territorians overpaid in the past month, we could have gotten on with building or buying a government run servo or two. Territorians are sick of talk. I'm sick of talk. I want action, now."

About George Mamouzellos: George Mamouzellos is a local businessman with a bachelor's degree in pharmacy, who isn't afraid to speak his mind. He owns the website, and manages the Darwin Farmers Market Facebook page.




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