Thursday, October 9th, 2014

Sometimes you need to experience a space before you live in it.

For a lot of people visualising their home renovation project from plans can be really hard and making decisions on those spaces can be even harder. Builders resort to masking tape on the floor, people try to pace it out, or some may go to the expense of getting a 3D render done, but still struggle to put themselves into the space.

There is now another solution. A simple solution. Like test driving a car - a test built home.

Architest, a Melbourne based business, now helps confused renovators and their architects understand their projects by building full scale (that's right 1:1) models of their projects, complete with appliances, joinery, and in some cases even a toilet or two. People can stand in their home, walk through it and make changes on the spot, all before a single hammer, nail or bag of cement is lifted.

Amber Lord of Melbourne has recently started her renovation, and with the help of the Construction and Architectural team at Architest, made changes throughout, that would have otherwise attracted huge variation costs, "We couldn't make decisions on important design issues until we saw our house built by Architest. It saved us weeks and thousands of dollars, being able to walk through our renovation before building even began, to experience the size of rooms, move and change things and see the result, has helped us design and build a home we absolutely love".

Time is a big part of any renovation, and often decisions need to be made quickly. Architest have a 24 hour turn around time (depending on availability). For plans submitted by Midday, construction is done on the same day and owners can then be standing in a full sized model of their new home by 10am the following morning. 24 hours from plan to model and back to plan.

For more information please visit or call (03) 9429 2791.


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Understanding a space can be hard, and visualising yourself in that space can be even harder, get it wrong, and you'll be living in it. At Architest we take the mystery away by building mock ups that you can stand in and interact with. Any changes you want can be made instantly, and you can see the result instantly. Want a wall moved? Done. Want a sink shifted? Done. We work with you, your architect or your builder to take the guesswork out of design, and to help you achieve the best result for your project before costly construction begins.

Our mock up studio space can handle projects of any size, be it a kitchen, a bathroom, or an entire renovation, get in touch, send us your plans and come and make sure you get it right.

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