Thursday, October 9th, 2014

Adelaide will play host to two nationally and internationally acclaimed young entrepreneurs at Adelaide Pavilion next Tuesday.

The inaugural event ThriveTime, themed around business and financial growth, will see national keynote speakers Brad Smith and James Gilshenan arrive in Adelaide next week to address an audience, sharing their personal stories and experiences in building multi-million dollar companies before their mid-twenties.

Brad Smith, Founder of Braaap Motorcycles, was the 2010 runner up of the of prestigious JCI (Junior Chamber International) Creative Young Entrepreneur Award other accolades that include 2009 Young Entrepreneur of the Year, national winner of 2008 & 2009 Young Small Business Entrepreneur in the Small Business Champion Awards, 2009 Australian Business Awards Enterprise category, 2009 My Business Awards and the 2008 Pride of Australia medal finalist.

Investor and wealth advisor, James Gilshenan, Founder of Money Conversation, was mentioned as one of the top 10 rated hedge funds over $50m by Bloomberg in 2013. James has also co-founded a number of successful wealth management and investment education companies and programs including GNS Hillier and Ultimate Insight.

The pair are passionate about expressing both their successes and failures in an educational platform to inspire and lead others to improve their cash flow situation in order to enhance their lifestyle.

“While money isn’t the most important thing in life, the ability to use it to enhance those aspects that are important, like experiences with family and friends, provide better opportunities for children and enhance business operations, are what makes money and cash flow an important aspect of our daily life,” says Brad Smith.

Brad and James believe education is the foundation of financial growth and through connection, networking and the imparting of knowledge, entrepreneurs, business owners and aspirational employees can collaborate, inspire and discover opportunities to accelerate their growth in their personal and professional lives.

“We’re really excited about being able to bring such a calibre of business people to our state,” says event organizer, Michael Johnson.

“Too often Adelaide misses out on key speakers that have played integral roles in their industries,” he says.

“It’s critical to the economic development of the state, by ensuring young Adelaide entrepreneurs don’t miss out on vital learning opportunities from such leaders.”

Brad, now an international speaker on the topic of growth, has in the last nine years developed one of the fastest growing niche motorcycle brands in the world along with 5 other multi million dollar companies, all at the young age of 27. On top of his string of accolades, Brad was recently invited to join the Reserve Bank of Australia’s Advisory Board as a representative for small business.

Michael Johnson, a local entrepreneurial advisor and performance coach will also join James and Brad on stage to share insights into the mental preparation involved in business growth.

Fondly known as “The Mojo Master”, Michael has a passion for education and connecting people, which was a key driver for the creation of ThriveTime after meeting Brad at a seminar four years ago.

“I was extremely impressed with Brad’s humble nature and his drive to succeed. Coupled with his passion, knowledge and his incredible achievements at such a young age, I knew straight away there was a lot to learn from him, which I hope others can as well,” Michael says.

Michael says the event will offer networking opportunities for Adelaide business owners, and is supported by a number of sponsors, including 1625 and SA in-business Magazine.

“There is power in connection and without the opportunities to meet different people we stunt our growth potential, our ability to think outside the square and really be inspired to push our individual limits,” he says.

ThriveTime will be held at Adelaide Pavilion, Veale Gardens in Adelaide on Tuesday the 14th of October. Tickets are available at

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The Mojo Master

The Mojo Master is an education and training business focused on personal development and professional growth.

We believe that playing small, mediocrity and a lack of personal follow through are the biggest killers of personal, professional and business growth. Our passion is to inspire individual greatness that allows businesses and individuals to thrive. We do this through events, coaching and online products specifically for passionate, enthusiastic entrepreneurs, business leaders and teams.

Founder Michael Johnson is a renowned transformation expert who acquired the name, The Mojo Master, after transforming his own life from a troubled school dropout with learning difficulties, ADD, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue and a host of mental and emotional issues, to a passionate, inspirational educator and results expert hired by some of the top business leaders, teams and champion athletes to continue to give them the edge over their competitors. 

Michael is the founder of the Academy of Mind and Motivation and also speaks on some of the top stages with industry leaders, giving his insights and wisdom on how to create rapid change, results, energy and transformation in his own highly energetic, fun, and unique style. His ability to connect and engage with his audiences has made him a highly sought after speaker and consultant.

“It’s your time to thrive”

Michael Johnson
M: 0421803723


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