Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

Renowned for its social work culture and travel perks around the globe, Area Leader Alicia Kirwan reveals that a career with Flight Centre is far more than just travel…

Graduating University with a Dietetics degree, but lacking a passion for that particular industry, Alicia Kirwan found herself in a position that would be familiar to many fresh graduates… where to from here?  

Searching for an opportunity to earn what she was worth, Alicia discovered Flight Centre Travel Group through a recommendation from a family member:

“She explained to me that you got paid in relation to what you put in - which really resonated with me as I’ve felt frustrated in the past when I’ve worked incredibly hard only to receive the same rewards as a colleague who has far less enthusiasm about what they do. The uncapped earning structure at Flight Centre was a totally different paradigm - my earning capacity was no longer limited and I had complete control over my own success!”

Winning the Retail Top Global Novice award in her very first year, Alicia has advice for aspiring travel consultants:

“The first year is tough in terms of building up a customer base, and it’s important to take on board everyone’s advice whilst still remaining authentic, enthusiastic and true to yourself.

There are also a few practical things you can do to ensure your customers receive outstanding experiences in store - every customer I had received paper documents, which helps to make an intangible purchase feel tangible, and taps into the old world romance of having paper tickets.

I also included a referral letter in each of these printed packets with two of my business cards – one for my customer and one for a friend or family member who they thought could use my expertise…”

In return for her hard work and dedication Alicia was sent on over 15 trips overseas during the 7 years that she was a travel consultant, including coveted destinations such as Barcelona, Bora Bora and Paris. Attending the renowned Global Gathering each year since commencing her career with Flight Centre, for Alicia these experiences were far more than lavish parties:

“People get seduced by the big party which is great – but I can honestly say that the most rewarding moment is when we are exposed to the incredible minds that are invited to speak at the event each year. I’ve had the chance to hear Michael J. Fox speak in Paris, and gave a phenomenal talk in Macau this year.

But that’s just the start of the personal and professional development opportunities I’ve received – Flight Centre has supported me through my certificate I,II and III in Tourism, in conjunction with my Diploma in that field. I’m also looking in to a Bachelor of Business through Flight Centre business school which is partially subsidised by Flight Centre as well!”

For those that are searching for a career – not just a job, Flight Centre is currently searching for ambitious individuals who are ready to earn what they are worth in Inner West Sydney - apply below today:

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