Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

Therm-App™ transforms Android smartphones into a powerful mobile phone thermal camera, featuring long-range night vision and high-resolution thermography.

This revolutionary concept extends human vision by turning smartphones into thermal cameras. It is great news for professionals world wide, whether they are night guards, law enforcement officers, construction workers, air-conditioning technicians, service & maintenance personnel, physicians, veterinarians, farmers or hunters. Now you can purchase a lightweight, modular, low power device that clips onto your smartphone. Plug in its USB cable, and your phone turns into a powerful camera that can display thermal images, record them, share them – and run a whole new family of exciting dedicated night vision and thermography applications.

Therm-App™ combines the power of a fully functional thermal camera with the mobility, processing power, display capabilities and advanced features provided by smartphones today, and in the future. Through our SDK, we let the crowd decide which Therm-App™ applications will be produced, changing our everyday life and making sure there’s always more to see!

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