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Adelaide, Australia  – Women in Innovation and Technology South Australia ( has awarded Tania Jolley, co-founder of DNA Security Solutions,  the Winnovation Award for Manufacturing and Defence.

Ms Jolley is Managing Director of DNA Security Solutions, which makes a variety of innovative and unique DNA criminal identification technologies that help protect businesses whilst also making prosecutions much easier.

The Women in Innovation and Technology Awards recognise women who are doing things differently to bring about positive change and highlight the achievements of impressive and novel organisations.  WITSA President Lisa Kennewell said that the inaugural awards attracted over 100 entrants across seven categories.

“Our aim was to showcase female innovators finding new ways to forge the industries of the future, contributing to the South Australian and Australian economy and positioning the State as a place that supports business growth,” Ms Kennewell says. 

Ms Jolley tells us: “Our technology really pushes the boundaries of security.  We are a disruptive technology in this space.  It is obvious to all that standard traditional technology of CCTV and alarms are beneficial for businesses in many different areas – but stopping a criminal from attacking staff, customers and the business is not one of them.  If it were, Australia simply wouldn’t have around 10,000 armed robberies every year. The majority of these occur directly under CCTV ”

DNA Guardian™ is proving to be the greatest deterrent in security, and delivers a greater than 98% success rate in preventing and reducing crime within businesses that have installed a DNA Guardian™ Security System.  No wonder hundreds of businesses across Australia, from SME operators to blue chip multi-nationals, are installing DNA Guardian™ criminal marking technology. 

This success was recently acknowledged by the Queensland Governement in Parliament with a trial DNA Security solutions undertook with the Newman government.  Pizzey Park was chosen as it had repeated problems for years, culminating in nine robberies and associated vandalism within 21 days. Miami Seniors Tennis Club alone had 13 break – ins in two weeks.  The trial had been 100% successful , having eliminated crime for over 2 years now.

“This is really all about creating fear in the minds of would-be criminals around the globe. It is simply too risky for them to walk around with the crime scene on them for up to 2 months, they simply see the risk being too high, and move on”.

The psychological, emotional and financial loss to each business and the community is enormous. Preventing this opportunistic crime is the only way to reduce the significant and varied costs this places on the community.

“Here at DNA Security Solutions, we have a Zero tolerance to crime, which is why we saw the need to introduce Australia to technology that stops crime from happening, not simply take pictures of the crime in progress”.

With Australia just having been put on “HIGH ALERT”, DNA Guardian will be introduced to the departments responsible for security and safety within Government buildings.  Departments like Centrelink, Government offices and other buildings could benefit from introducing this multi award winning technology.

Following Tania’s success noted “I am very proud to have been recognised for our tenacity in building technology and a successful business that is committed to delivering a way for businesses to protect employees and the community at large.  I hope this will encourage other women to get involved in their industry, be bold and brave enough to develop their concepts and ideas, and take them to the community.  You don’t have to be from a huge business, or have enormous amounts of money behind you to make a difference. You must have a deep seeded belief that you are bringing about a positive change that is needed by the community”.

DNA Security Solutions were awarded the “Coolest Company” Awards in 2013, in the micro category, having been chosen from over 100 finalists.

What is DNA Security Solutions?

Based in Adelaide and founded in 2007, DNA Security Solutions was the first company to introduce criminal marking technology to Australia. Realising that closed-circuit cameras and alarm systems did little to deter criminals, the company began working with input from police and business owners to come up with a more effective deterrent.

The result is a patented, proprietary technology this is wireless and easily installed.  When activated a “mist” that contains a unique DNA signature, or unique fingerprint to each business,  sprays onto a criminal as they leave the scene, allowing the perpetrator to be forensically connected with the crime later – with no chance of a false alibi.

This technology has prevented crime from occurring in over 98% of DNA customers’ businesses.  With such success, this local company is looking for investment to expand globally.

DNA technology has been focused on the business community since commercialisation, and will later this year be available for installation in homes, Taxi’s and ATM’s.

What are the Women in Innovation and Technology Awards?

This is the inaugural Women in Innovation and Technology Awards.  These awards were launched as a way to publicly acknowledge and celebrate South Australian women who are doing things differently to bring about positive change in their respective industries.  The awards were run by Women in Innovation and Technology SA (WITSA) in conjunction with News Corp Australia as major sponsor, and supported by Bendigo Bank.

CONTACT DNA SECURITY SOLUTIONS – [email protected], 0404 099 662

CONTACT WITSA – Lisa Kennewell - 0411 129 555.


The full list of Winnovation Award Winners is below:

Manufacturing & Defence - Tania Jolley, DNA Security Solutions, which manufactures criminal identification technologies that help protect businesses from intrusion and theft.

Information Technology - Leila Henderson, developer of the NewsMaker press release and content marketing platform.

Science & Health - Dr Sherry Kothari for her work in establishing the $59m Co-operative Research Centre for Cell Therapy Manufacturing at UniSA.


Education - Stephanie Kriewaldt for Teaching Kids To Code at Vineyard Lutheran School in Clare.


Women’s Initiative in Business - Deloitte for its Inspiring Women Strategy


Stem Sista for Future Innovators


Art, Community and Sport: Karen Nelson-Field of the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute


Environment and Primary Industries: Michele Akeroyd of the Goyder Institute for Water Research.



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DNA Security Solutions

DNA Security Solutions is an innovative provider of security systems employing unique forensic identification of alleged perpetrators with a range of security equipment, appropriate for business, personal and vehicle protection. The company’s equipment utilises non-toxic and harmless solutions encoded with unique DNA material which can be matched to specific situations, increasing the likelihood of conviction rates. Use of these products has found DNA styled perpetrator marking products highly effective both as a deterrent and as a tool to easier identification and conviction of criminals. DNA Security Solutions is the first company to introduce the technology into Australia and the technology is quickly being adopted as best practice OH&S and providing the highest Duty of care for employees.

Tania Jolley
P: 0404 099 662


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