Thursday, April 15th, 2010
Sales Executives have a plethora of training publications to choose from and their managers very readily send them off to course after course to keep their sales skills sharp. BUT who exactly is training the sales managers themselves? Selling is all well and good but the people management and motivational skills required by the sales manager is an area often forgotten.

Adelaide-based Sales & Marketing consultant, trainer and business advisor Craig Pickering has recognised this huge gap in the market and has just released a book entitled Successful Sales Management.

Craig, Adelaide born and bred Managing Director of 3C’s Consulting, says, "Sales Managers are widely neglected when it comes to specific training or assistance. There are numerous sales courses, management courses and books, but precious little written specifically for Sales Managers. Considering the importance of their role, and the effect they have on their businesses overall performance this lack of attention is astonishing.”

He continues, "My book, Successful Sales Management, contains detailed information in a very concise format. It is all based on personal experience and what I have observed across many years in the game."

Craig Pickering has enjoyed a varied and successful career in sales, sales management, product management and senior executive roles working in industries including banking, retail, insurance, manufacturing, consumer goods, telecommunications, IT, construction, wholesale, finance, not-for-profit and education. His business articles are regularly published in industry magazines and his work has taken him Australia wide, Japan and the UK.

The incredible detail contained in this new publication, which is readily available by on-line order, covers every relevant topic, including:

• How to sell
• How to market your product
• Measuring sales performance
• Client Relationship Management
• Leading the sales team
• Setting budgets
• Conducting sales meetings
• Motivating your sales team
• How to hire and develop new salespeople

Glen Jones, CEO of Nationwide Lending, comments, “Congratulations Craig. I believe you have created an essential business tool for any business who is not only wanting growth but also desires to motivate and retain their personnel.”

3Cs Consulting is a business and marketing consultancy that provides sales training and sales management training. For more information about the business and Craig’s new book visit:

For interviews contact Craig direct on 0438 030 008.

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