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Getting to know refugees shines in UN Media Awards

The enormous change in Australians when they get to know refugees is an outstanding aspect of this year's United Nations Media awards.

Suspicion and wariness in Tasmania, for instance, turns to warmth and an embrace of the newcomers.  Finalists include TV programs that show the reception in a Queensland town of women from the persecuted Hazara sect. There are Tamils who get up at four in the morning to be driven for four hours to a town where no one else wants to pick up rubbish but they are grateful to be doing something.

Another powerful theme is the treatment of children, whether at the hands of the Israeli military or in care in Victoria. An expose by ABC Four Corners and The Australian of harsh treatment of Palestinian children led to an undertaking to reform the system.

Powerful use of interactive techniques was made to look back at the Cronulla riots and also the Tiananmen Square massacre, as well as the appalling Ebola outbreak.

"This year's entries show journalists continue to shine a much-needed spotlight in dark places of our society and other places around the world," said Patricia Collett, Executive Director of the United Nations Association of Australia Victorian Division.

"Australians should be proud of the way they respond to refugees in their presence and that is reflected in the work of the finalists. In spite of the many deep cutbacks in media organisations there is still a wonderful spirit and willingness to reveal society's ills and push for real solutions."

Winners will be announced at a gala dinner on Friday 24 October at the Hilton On The Park, Melbourne.

Major Categories

Print – News 
FINALIST          Matt Wade, The Sydney Morning Herald, - The Forgotten Crisis
FINALIST          Michael Gordon, The Age - Secrets, fears and seeking asylum
FINALIST          Oliver Laughland and David Marr, The Guardian Australia - Guardian Australia's asylum seeker health coverage
FINALIST          Phillip Adams, Phillip Adams Consulting Pty Ltd - UNbelievable!
Print – Feature
FINALIST         Andra jackson, Sydney Morning Herald: Forgotten: A Lonely Life Lived Without Hope
FINALIST         Richard Guilliatt, The Weekend Australian Magazine - Man On A Mission
FINALIST         Cameron Stewart, The Australian - Slaves To Sex
FINALIST         Jamie Walker, The Weekend Australian Magazine - Blood Ties
TV – News
FINALIST          Dan Oakes and Sam Clark, ABC News – Out of Home Care Abuse
FINALIST          Danny Teece-Johnson, NITV News - CLP Crisis
FINALIST          Santilla Chingaipe, SBS World News - Australian Eritreans ‘forced to pay illegal tax
FINALIST          Stefan Armbruster, SBS World News – Contributing against the odds: Body of Work
TV – Current Affairs
FINALIST          Jane Bardon and Franco Pistillo, ABC 7.30 NT - They’re Not Listening
FINALIST          Kate Mellis and Andrew Rochford, The Project Network Ten - Lifting the Veil
FINALIST          Melissa Doyle, Billy Foster and Richard Cunningham, Seven Network – Syrian Children
FINALIST          Norman Hermant, Lateline ABC TV News and Current Affairs - Learning Difficulties: Only about a third of young adults and adults with a disability complete year 12
FINALIST          Stephen Pennells and Nick Farrow, Sunday Night – Building a Desert City
TV – Documentary
FINALIST          Alex Cullen and Alex Hodgkinson, Sunday Night Seven Network - Drought: The Last Straw
FINALIST          Heather Kirkpatrick, Waratah Films - Mary Meets Mohammad
FINALIST          John Lyons, Janine Cohen and Sylvie Le Clezio, Four Corners ABC TV - Stone Cold Justice
FINALIST          Ruth Cullen, Allison James, Allan Carter, Karen Williams, Nathan Hayter, Beckett Broda, David Fosdick, Nick Dunlop, Celia Tait and Brian Beaton, Artemis International -The Dreamhouse
FINALIST          Sally Sara, Marianne Leitch, David Martin, Rob Hill, Nicholas Brenner and Stuart Miller, ABC TV - Coming Home Parts 1 and 2
Radio – News
FINALIST          Beyene Semere Weldegiorgis, SBS Radio - Surviving the terror of the organ-harvesting trade
FINALIST          Santilla Chingaipe, SBS World News Radio - Australian Eritreans ‘forced to pay illegal tax
Radio – Documentary
FINALIST          Damien Carrick, Anita Barraud and Ben Collins, ABC – Criminal Justice in the Kimberley
FINALIST          Florencia Melgar, SBS Radio – The Other 9/11
FINALIST          Sarah Dingle, Background Briefing ABC – A Literacy Deficit
FINALIST          Sarah Dingle, Background Briefing ABC – The Salvos: A Matter of Trust
FINALIST          Sarah Knight, Karen Tighe and teams from ABC Local Radio, Radio National and Classic FM in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney, ABC, Appeal for Syrian Refugees
FINALIST          Edwina Pickles, Fairfax Media - The Forgotten Famine
FINALIST          Ingetje Tadros, Ingetje Tadros/Diimex - Caged Humans in Bali
FINALIST          Noel McLaughlin, Fanou Filali and Rowan Tucker-Evans, SBS - Colin and Rachel
FINALIST          Stuart McEvoy, The Australian - Growing Up APY
FINALIST          Steve Pennells,  The West Australian - Surviving Haiyan
FINALIST          Gina McKeon, ABC - Margaret: the hidden face of homelessness
FINALIST          Jiao Chen and Ester Harding, SBS Online - After 6/4
FINALIST          SBS Online, Northern Pictures and Screen Australia, SBS Online - Cronulla Riots: The Day That Shocked The Nation
FINALIST          Sherine Salama, Fanou Filali, Nikolas Lachajczak and Jinan Al Nakshabandi and SBS Online -  Exit Syria 
FINALIST          Tim Leslie, Lucy Fahey, Colin Gourlay and Cristen Tilley, ABC - Ebola: what is it and how does it spread?
Special Categories
Promotion of Indigenous Recognition
FINALIST         Leah Purcell, Alice Taylor, Ernest Hariyanto, Larissa Behrendt, Dylan River, Nicolas Lee, CAAMA Productions - Who We Are: Brave New Clan
FINALIST         Michaela Perske, Adrian  Russell Wills, Nic Beauman, Ben Rosen and Paul Searles, Pursekey Productions - 88
FINALIST         Jane Bardon and Franco Pistillo, ABC 7.30 NT - NT Indigenous communities forced to fight for land and water rights
FINALIST         Andrew Pike and Ann McGrath, Ronin Films - Message from Mungo   
Promotion of Positive Images of the Older Person
FINALIST         David Brill and Geoff Parish, Dateline SBS TV - Free The Bears
FINALIST         Sally Sara, David Martin, Dan Sweetapple, Marianne Leitch, Scott Munro and Steve Taylor, ABC TV Foreign Correspondent - GRANPOWER!
FINALIST         Ges D'Souza, Kerry O'Brien and Nicholas Brenner, ABC1 TV - The Kid from Kogarah
FINALIST         Ernie Dingo, Ramahn Allam, Valerie Bichard, Dylan McDonald, Kim Steblina and Nicolas Lee, CAAMA Productions - Talking Language with Ernie Dingo
Increasing Awareness and Understanding of Women’s Rights and Issues
FINALIST          Geoff Thompson, Lisa McGregor, Mary Fallon and Michael Nettleship, ABC - Rosie’s Story
FINALIST          Juanita Philips and Ursula Malone, ABC News - No Excuse
FINALIST          Kim Quinlan, The Courier Ballarat - It’s Up To Us
FINALIST         Terry Goldsworthy, Matthew Raj, Gael Jennings, Margaret Simons, Kate Fitz-Gibbon, Sarah Wendt, Jane Wangmann, Rosemary Purcell, James Ogloff, Helen Westerman, Emil Jeyaratnam, Michael Courts and Fron Jackson-Webb, The Conversation, Domestic Violence in Australia
Increasing Awareness and Understanding of Children’s Rights and Issues
FINALIST          Ben Doherty, The Sydney Morning Herald - Fairfax Media -  Lessons in Equality
FINALIST          Dan Oakes and Sam Clark, ABC News – Out of Home Care Abuse
FINALIST          Jenny Brockie, Hannah Meagher and Kyle Taylor, SBS Insight - Drinking When Pregnant
FINALIST          John Lyons, Janine Cohen and Sylvie Le Clezio, Four Corners ABC TV - Stone Cold Justice
Promotion of Multicultural Issues
FINALIST          Heather Kirkpatrick, Waratah Films -  Mary Meets Mohammad                                                      
FINALIST          Jenny Brockie, Elise Potaka, Saber Baluch and Alix Piatek, SBS Insight – Joining the fight
FINALIST          Joseph Wakim OAM - Our common humanity
FINALIST          Oliver Laughland and Christian Bennett, Guardian Australia - The life and awful death of a Tamil asylum seeker in Australia

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