Monday, September 29th, 2014

Chinese officials from Hangzhou have rolled out the red carpet to prominent Australian money markets expert Michael Kodari, opening doors in the Eastern Chinese city for KOSEC’s Managing Director to set up a new funds management firm for the benefit of both Australian and Chinese investors.

Mr Kodari was one of three Australian experts recently invited by CNBC to sit on a panel discussion, “Inside China’s Future”, at Pier One Sydney Harbour.

The event was attended by Australian money market professionals and visiting dignitaries from Hangzhou.

Two hours southwest of Shanghai, Hangzhou is probably best known as the home of internet powerhouse Alibaba, which spawned hundreds of new Chinese millionaires following its recent New York Stock Exchange IPO.

Known for his extraordinary 100% hit rate in ‘Buy’ recommendations on Sky Business, Mr Kodari was the only panelist to be personally invited to set up business in the city.

Mr Kodari said that the aim of the panel event was to promote China as a good place to do business, but there were many Chinese business people who also wanted to invest in Australian assets.

“We had a private meeting after the panel session – the Chinese officials said they recognised our visionary outlook and that we could make a large impact and create a difference in China and on the way that Australians view the country,” Mr Kodari said. 

“We were offered the opportunity to cut through red tape and be supported directly to set up a wealth management and stockbroking firm in Hangzhou.”

At just over three years old, KOSEC has been performing exceptionally well, and on TV for the past two years Michael Kodari is well known for the accuracy of his Buy calls.

He recently swam against the tide, issuing a Buy recommendation for TPG Telecom when others such as Goldman Sachs were downgrading the stock to a heavy sell on the same day.

“The report came out and it hit all-time high and since last week it has been up more than 10% in a down market,” Mr Kodari said. “Our success has been based on our investment strategy.”

Mr Kodari plans to be up and running in China within three months.

“Companies like Citibank and Morgan Stanley have had to partner with local firms to gain entry to the Chinese market,” he said.

“Now that the doors have been opened for us, we are opening doors for wealthy people in Australia to make well-structured investments in China and for wealthy Chinese to buy assets in Australia.”

About Michael Kodari

Michael Kodari  is the founder of Kodari Securities (KOSEC), and one of Australia’s prominent experts in the stock market. Since its formation, Kodari

Securities has experienced unprecedented growth, attributed to their unique investment strategy. With a strong background in funds management and stockbroking, Michael has worked with some of Australia’s most successful value investors and consulted to leading financial institutions.

Michael is frequently featured on Sky Business, “Switzer” and “Your Money Your Call”, writes for Australia’s key financial publications and is one of the nation’s most consistent, top performing investors. He has been referred to as “the brightest 21st century entrepreneur in wealth management” and “a trailblazer within the Australian stock market”.

Michael’s key interest is expansion into the Chinese market, with a focus on quality Asian companies.


Kodari Securities (KOSEC) is a leading provider of investment services to a substantial and diversified client base in Australia, including corporations and high net worth individuals. Founded by Michael Kodari, the company headquarters are in Sydney Australia. KOSEC has one focus, to provide quality information, research and investment services in the Australian equities market to a broad range of clients. Its business model revolves around putting clients’ interests first. 

Michael Kodari

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